Monday, January 31, 2011

5. it's the way we're supposed to be

that's how many are in our our family.
it's how many we're supposed to be.
4 here & 1 there is not working for us.
at all.
only a couple of months.
good thing!

 we are kind of settling in here in our old home finally after about 2 weeks. after we get completely settled it will be time to pack it up again & go back to our other home. it always feels like we are moving. our life seems so portable. all of our stuff is kept in storage container...that's how sad it is.
gets old.

He came to visit us for the weekend & it wasn't nearly long enough for any of us. but we've been doing tons of fun stuff we don't get in the tons of family & friend time, having high speed internet & going to actual stores (thanks to actual sitters)...lovely city stores that are no more than 5 minutes away! i miss them. 
we're doing it up. stay tuned...

*ps i was so excited to put the snowflakes on my background. when we left home it was in the 80's...making snowflakes seem ridiculous.
here its soooo cold...& i love the cold. what a pleasant change.