Monday, April 26, 2010

how could you NOT love a little girl.....

ummmmm how could you not.....

love a little girl.....

who spends hours.....

doing stuff like this.....

with friends like these.....

day in & day out.....

that's my girl.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace Barnsale pt III

since some little person deleted my photos so this is the last of the Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace barnsales posts. you can see part 1 & part 2 here. there are ALOT of photos, but i hope you find something you enjoy & a reason to visit  next time~

beautiful! must find this amazing rose for my garden

i  ordered one of these bubbles from mamma bellarte . can't wait, im going to pair it with a ribbon. i wish the rest of the photos of her amazing stuff didn't get deleted.

handmade pretty

more pretty! great garden idea

love these beachy colors together

i NEED my own spoon tag
 from The Tattered House. each tag is handcrafted from vintage silverware & can be customized 

i always love a pretty crown & vintage bliss had plenty (& other pretties that were deleted)

2 needed the pink & black one in her room

i can't wait to visit the next Chateau De Fleur Marketplace June 18th & 19th. hope you get the chance. if you are interested in becoming a vendor contact christie.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the new IT :: commander in chic

new popular polish color :: sally hansen's commander in chic have you tried it yet?  THE new color everyone is wearing. and as of today im now part of everyone. after seeing like the 50th in-the-know-trendy-chica wearing it... as not to be left out, i had to try it myself. it's a very interesting shade of grey, lavender, and putty. neutral enough to wear with everything, im thinking especially yellow. a 5-in-1 manicure in a bottle, the tapered brush makes polishing a dream.  i was worried about it and my skin tone, but i LOVE it! check it!

my new fave color holding my fave mug of chai

my new fave color holding my new fave mag freshHOME

ok so what do you think? what's your new fave color?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

kahlua turns 9

i love me some LUDA! on march 12 our girl turned 9.  we currently have 3 dogs  (and have had countless others), but there is just something about our 1st ever family dog. this old friend holds THE most special doggie place in my heart. Lu has grown to become happy, patient, kind, loving  &  easy going. the all around perfect BFF. BUT those first 4 years WHEW! 

kahlua & kai the girls who started our whole family

quite the resemblance

are you thinking what im thinking ? FOOD! great idea!

life is good Lu. i hope i can still do this when im 63 

Lu & Bamm doing their fave thing...chasing scented bubbles. Lu has grown to like  laying there & catch the bubbles that fall around her...not so much chasing anymore. she'll chase a few, but i think only to amuse us

Lu is VERY food motivated...ok my girl, likes to eat! so the girls baked doggie treats for Lu. we made pumpkin peanut butter freezerballs and dog biscuits made only with good stuff  including  :: flaxseed, wheatgerm, garlic, vitamin E , a little sprinkle of cuteness and of course a lot of LOVE

looks yummy...tastes like garlic

its sad to see the  signs of age creeping up on my Lu mostly because i know the inevitable has to follow. despite my girl's age though,  she still a such  a young spry dog at heart and has a lot of years left in her. we are more than blessed to have spent these years with such a great girl.  im also feeling honored to love and care for her thru these senior years. *sigh* must be the mama in me.    

Friday, April 9, 2010

in order to fully ROCK, i need this beast!

i know i said im practical...but i'll change that to USUALLY. usually practical yes, BUT never boring! i LU-HUV this truck! im trying to convince Him it is perfect for me, but he cant really see the practicality i see. ok seriously :: when WOULDN'T one need the safari rack on top ? not to mention the double set of floodlights ? this beast is rugged enough for 3 kids, dogs, bikes, surfboards, hurricanes, tornadoes, the list goes on.  the orange itself makes it all the more visible.  i could go all the places im not supposed to with these well as safely up & over! i have a very long list of practical reasons i need this particular machine, but  the most practical reason  :: i would just look so hardcore while i ROCK! gas mileage :: BAAAAAH!!!!!

the need is obvious

check it freaking HOT i cant stand it!


this my friends is the rockin'awesome safari deck with many functional everyday uses.

 a happy wife = a happy life. i know deep down He wants nothing more than for his beautifully beloved wife to be truly, totally, and insanely happy...even if she's a smidge impractical and her gas mileage sucks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chateu De Fleurs Barn Sale Fun Part II Out of the Blue Deborah Beard's booth

i have tremendous love for anything having to do with the ocean. definately one of the reasons i was drawn to Deborah Beard's Out of the Blue booth. it was one of my faves at the Chateu de Fleur Marketplace Barn Sale ( part I here). Deborah's booth was filled with vibrant zesty colors & unique items. i only wish i got a pic of the vendor, but you can see her beautiful smiling face here. i hope to visit her Solana Beach store real soon.  it looks like the kind of place i could lose myself browsing & lingering.

i wish i could bring my overly practical self to have this fantastic sea shell adorned seahorse wonder somewhere in my house. i really, really want it... i just couldn't do it. so sad!

ok, or this!

my fave colors

too bad my wrist is so teeny, i could definately use some of these lively colors to spice things up

so pretty! i have a few of these, but not turquoise dang it!

Deborah's hand embellished craftiwork

i REALLY thought i wouldn't be able to live without one of these superfab handmade flowered lariats for the rest of my life, but my neck was sensitive to the twine. so apparently i'll survive...not happily ever after though. *pout*

then plan B caught my eye

unflattering pic BUT! turns out it was actually THIS superfab handmade flowered belt i couldnt live i shall live happily ever after. can't wait to pick the perfect outfit for it's debut & actually wear it.

this is just a smidge of ALL the things i loved at Deborah's booth. i didn't even mention the cute clothes!

see anything you can't live without? the next Chateau De Fleur Marketplace is Fri June 18th & Sat June 19th. contact Christie if you are interested in being a vendor.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

the prettiest, most delish (post run) breakfast waffle ever!

the other day He made the girls waffles for breakfast. i was going out for a run & waited until i got home to eat. this little experiment made THE most delish breakfast & post run meal food that i had to share. plus it's just so-o pretty!

sorry i dont usually use recipes, but i'm going to try ::

He used boxed buttermilk pancake mix from Fresh & Easy  to which i added about 1 tablespoon of flaxseed meal then cooked it in the wafflemaker. i cooked mine until it was a little crunchy.
The sauce is the amazing part. (note this is enough for one serving).  i sauteed about 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts in about 2 tablespoons of Earthbalance (you can use any type of butter flavored product) & about 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil (optional). then i added about 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla & about 1/2 cup of maple syrup. (you can experiment with the amts to taste). i poured the sauce on top and let it soak thru the waffle for a while. to finish i topped with fresh strawberries & whip (of course). the girls joined me for seconds & RAVED! i had already eaten a banana prior, but it would be fab with it too. a big batch of waffles can be made ahead and frozen to reheat later. try it & let me know what you think!