Wednesday, April 23, 2014

enduring, sacrificing & so many blessings

one of the biggest parts of our move was my husband's new job. he  adjusted to his new work place, quickly got into the groove & moved things right along. the thing we were most excited about was FINALLY no more crazy traveling...BUUUUT of course that didn't last long! an opportunity fell into place that has & continues to bring immense benefits for him work wise & to us as a family. it really was too good to pass up. 

the biggest bummer is that he lives out of town on the job site four days during the week & comes back home towards the weeks end. oh my gosh being a single married mama is tough! especially me being new to all this crazy public school biz & both our teen & tween's pace of life has changed. even though its (supposedly) only for 6-8 months which seems like a small time frame in the long run, our brownsugars are doing ALOT of growing up & each doing their own things. there's a lot of life going on to miss but he's been doing a fab job of trying to make their events & spending a lot of quality time with them when he's home. (FACETIME IS A LIFESAVER!!!)

all our little fams current enduring & sacrificing is opening the door for so many blessings. thats what we keep reminding ourselves of. its reaffirming to be able to experience current benefits & to see future ones come into fruition. 
shortly it will all come together & it will all pay off & will be worth it...even though shortly sometimes seems like forever away!