Monday, April 30, 2012

{unplugged sunday}

yesterday our {unplugged sunday} was pretty mellow.
during my morning cup of tea i got caught up on organizing my weeks to do lists, paper pile de-cluttering & finally got to look at a magazine issue i've been waiting to have time look at.
[can you tell what i'm thinking about?]

after our congregation meeting,
the brownsugars & i ran a few quick errands.
i picked up one of my fave Sunday treats:
a cup of my fave vanilla nut cream coffee & 2 Andes thin mints.
when we got home i sat down & finished up a few handwritten letters to get in the mail.

He had to go out of town for work Sunday so no family hike.
everyone was beat from doing MAJOR farm chores the day before & getting ready for the outdoor season so no one really minded not hiking anyway.
we did some rock art instead.
the finished ones came out super cute.
after a dinner of leftovers
i snuggle up with my book & my girl.
i've been reading this book for months
& cannot seem to finish it!
each time i read it, it seems to get longer.
part of the problem is i am really not enjoying the book AT ALL
& am super anxious to finish it.
i promised myself i'd stick with it.
i should be done with it in a day or two.
i'm already thinking about my next read
hmmm...maybe Hunger Games finally.
*whew! i lost this post & luckily found it in my e-mail, so i was able to copy & paste. it's slightly different from the original post, but at least retrieving it calmed me down a little!!! Blogger better work out these new format glitches & BE NICE TO ME!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

homeschooling co-op & morning tidbits

naughty kitty brought this little lizard inside
while us co-op mamas were making lunch.
she let it go & i caught it & passed it around to the kiddies before we freed him.
the kiddies doing The Story of the World mapping after listening to the lesson.
the kiddies all worked together to create their own community called "Therryville". they really got into it & did good work.
handling the new co-op chicks for the 1st time
& erupting our papier mache volcano
a couple of pix of M doing her Presenters Club
projects in front of the group.

*our homeschooling co-op was cancelled again today
for the second Thursday in a row.
 i thought it would be fun to post a few tidbits.

getting back into the swing of things has been rough this week after being on spring break for two weeks & along with an abnormally crazy schedule.
 we LOVE our co-op but it being cancelled & us getting to stay home today is actually welcome.
i just finished my cup of coffee & am still sitting here in my jammies as i type.
the little brownsugars are out on a little mid-morning walk with the doggies.
the oldest brownsugar just rolled out of bed & is making herself breakfast.
we will get to math, history & our grammar project today
at some point though *yawn*.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

current love {agrarian}

my friend [thanks N] shared this link with me & i'm LOVING
in case anyone wants to buy me a gift...
each & every item in this new line is on my wish list!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

getting our spring garden ready


the youngest brownsugar was super fascinated by this miniture garden.
we are already planning ours out.
our homeschool co-op was cancelled last thursday as we were heading out the door.
with our spring garden in mind
the brownsugars, prince ollie & i
decided to spend part of the sunny day at some of our favie nurseries.
there was sooo much fun stuff but we still managed to stay focus & stick to what we needed:

*organic soil amendment/compost
[accepting the truth that our compost pile
has officially become a critter smorgasboard]
*organic worm castings
[our composting worm population did not survive this years winter cold & i have yet to replace them]
*a couple of organic veggie plants
[so far haven't gotten around to starting my seeds. & of course these are still sitting on my counter waiting to be put in the ground *smh*]

*aside from spending some time cleaning out our beds, we've been both too busy & too lazy when it came to our garden this season. which is sad, because our garden is one of our favie things.
good thing in our location here in So Cal we can plant almost anything, any season, directly in the ground even & have gardening success. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

{unplugged sunday}

this weekend we decided to re-start {unplugged sunday}.
(thanks to my friend amy for re-inspiring me)
we began when the idea 1st started & kinda lost our groove when football season & working weekends started.
it was kinda a rough start because my fantastically wonderful hubby surprised me with a new ipad 3 the night before!
he couldn't resist playing with it Sunday morning for a bit, but i had to stick to my guns! 

the youngest brownsugar made up her own top secret cake recipe, baked it & served it for breakfast with eggs, turkey bacon, fresh strawberries & lots of frosting!
she & her friend Lucy went on their own mini hike thru the "Enchanted Organic Veggie Forest"
(that i didn't get around to planting in the garden this weekend)

after our congregation meeting we rushed home for lunch, a quick change, grabbed adventure-loving-water-obsessed doggie Mahalo *happy girl* 
& headed out on a local hike & to do some fishing.
we started doing family hikes at new local locations every weekend (like this one),
but He has been working on a project out of town on weekends for the last few months. 
we love being outdoors surrounded by natural beauty & exploring. 
our area has so much natural beauty to offer & discover,
it was so great to get back out into it as a family.  
the only thing we caught was patience, long-suffering & quality time, but it was so worth it :)
the oldest brownsugar has fallen in love with cooking.
making me a very happy mama!
not only because we are sharing the love of cooking,
but it has been such a great help for me.
she eagerly volunteered to & made a lot of our meals last week.
she is building quite a recipe collection.
to end the night she made 
 she prepped it in the morning & all our tired bodies had to do was steam brocolli & pop the dish in the oven when we got home.
can't wait until next week...
already have the spot picked out!   

Friday, April 20, 2012

dream come true [domino mag]

i am soooo super excited!
 my favie mag that was ever in print released a new issue! 
1. the new domino mag release & i just ran out & picked it up. (this is it on the check out belt).
2. my old domino mag collection from when it was in print years ago.
if i was the coveting kind...i'd totally covet my precious domino mag collection!
3 & 4. exciting sneak peeks! i'm already cozied up under a blanket on the couch with Stinky Little Brown Dog ready to savor each page!
* i have no clue what blogger is up to, but me no like-y & it's not working for me...thinking it's time for a change very soon.