Tuesday, April 24, 2012

getting our spring garden ready


the youngest brownsugar was super fascinated by this miniture garden.
we are already planning ours out.
our homeschool co-op was cancelled last thursday as we were heading out the door.
with our spring garden in mind
the brownsugars, prince ollie & i
decided to spend part of the sunny day at some of our favie nurseries.
there was sooo much fun stuff but we still managed to stay focus & stick to what we needed:

*organic soil amendment/compost
[accepting the truth that our compost pile
has officially become a critter smorgasboard]
*organic worm castings
[our composting worm population did not survive this years winter cold & i have yet to replace them]
*a couple of organic veggie plants
[so far haven't gotten around to starting my seeds. & of course these are still sitting on my counter waiting to be put in the ground *smh*]

*aside from spending some time cleaning out our beds, we've been both too busy & too lazy when it came to our garden this season. which is sad, because our garden is one of our favie things.
good thing in our location here in So Cal we can plant almost anything, any season, directly in the ground even & have gardening success. 

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