Friday, April 20, 2012

gardening & free ranging chicks [spring]

               marshmallow our skittish newly laying hen.   hot chocolate is THE snuggliest rooster ever!
               she's coming around slowly with lots of         he follows us around & squawks, squirms &
               in hand treats & patient lovin'.                    squats down so you can hold him.

a few weekends ago we had a really nice break in the weather.
we decided it was the perfect time for our chickens 1st day free ranging
& also to clean up our
[severely neglected & horribly over grown] garden beds for spring.
that way we could stay close & keep an eye on them.
they were both pretty hesitant at 1st.
but came around eventually & were soon running & flapping their wings with joy .
surprisingly Hot Chocolate the rooster had a little seperation anxiety if M left his side.
he would search for her, squawk out a nervous squawk & panic a little.
totally un-rooster meanie like, but super cute!
spring must have really been in the air
because even grumpus bun bun Carmello joined us.
He helped nibble away at the clover while the chickens discovered insect delicacies.
which really is one of Carmello's favie bun bun things to do, he just really hates the leaving his hutch & being touched & carried over to the beds part.
country girl brownsugars
there were lots of other garden critters helping us too.
snail girl - "poking him in the eyeballs is fun, but i really want to lick him!!!" *sigh*
blue belly lizard girl - "what a beautiful creation!"

* yesterday we spent the day at our favie garden nurseries...stay tuned!


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    1. THANK YOU! it was such a fun day & great to be out in the warm spring weather. HAPPY SPRING :)