Sunday, February 19, 2012


a few months ago i joined our new local homesteading meetup group & i'm LOVING it!
we've been doing some great projects, learning a ton & making fast like minded friends
...everything i've been looking for for years!
the group held a daytime playdate meet up.
the girls & i went & had a great time.
the younger kids did crafts, played with each other & with the chickens.
us mama's got to listen
& i got to hold the hostesses sweet little daughter
(right next to mama) 
while she demonstrated how to make our own balms & deodorant.
my girls of course totally went in hands on :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Horsing around with my M

M & i spent a mommy/daughter weekend, all about her,
 doing her abs fave thing.
Her riding instructor was eventing
& we were invited to watch, learn, assist & volunteer to fundraise for the ranch's Pony Club.

It was such a beautiful day all around:
warm sunny weather.
the beautiful eventing grounds. 
amazing animals & riders impecably groomed & 
polished to perfection.
Championed competitors proudly
 displaying all their grace & majesty.
The sharp looking riders decked out in their dressage.
Everyone even brought their beautiful doggies out.

Inspired me to pick up my own jodphurs & equestrain boots...
i think im even ready to hop in the saddle soon & join my M in her fave hobby :)

M at the Pony Club pizza party &
 horse quiz study the night before the feild events.
M's instructor & Gypsy
(one of my fave of the ranch horses)
heading to their event
Gypsy between events.
She's such a gorgeous girl with a beautiful story.
{long story short...her original(evil)trainer got rid of her because she "wasn't trainable"
The ranch gave her a second chance & a new start 
& here she is now...eventing with her beautiful self...
in front of the (evil) old trainer even!}
M & the stunning Armani waiting for his event.
He's such a handsome boy!
M & cute little Peter Pan!
This little baby boy & his personality was too cute!
This horse was one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

molecular models & thrifting :)

love this!
i've been searching for molecular model practice that had good  picture & detail instruction.
all the resources i found gave vague detail-less & picture-less instructions on how to build the models,
leaving us to construct models using our own creative guesswork. (so frustrating) 
i bought this book a while back at our Friends of the Library used book store (my fave)for 50 cents.
the other day i pulled it out of my stack of books to browse & see if it was worth keeping.
i found exactly what i needed.
water molecules 
mickey-mouse molecule ;)
the girls actually had fun with this activity for a few hours.
a lithium model that K & muddled thru before using this book & without good instruction...but we did good ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

wintercrafting{Goldilocks & the Three Bears readers theater puppets}

the girlies did book reports.
 A hates to write so she came up with this cute idea to tell the story of Goldilocks & the Three Bears...
reader's theater puppets that she made herself!
the big girls REALLY weren't that into it at first.
 but then they started rehearsing, setting up the little scene & adjusted their attitudes & got into it all.
they helped make a success of their little sister production for her.
she was so thrilled with herself & her sisters. 
 it all came out so cute & i video taped it
 but of course it won't load.
*even though its been in the 70s & 80s lately i guess technically this counts as a winter craft ;)