Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Barn Sale Fun at Chateau de Fleur Market Place Part I

One of my favorite events are the Barn Sales in my area. every 3-4 months local  "barns" participate in the sale. thru out the weekend the barns open their doors so you caravan and visit each sale. Its such an event that people come from all around to hunt for and find treasures.
I tend to be more of a minimalistic tomboy in my decor and fact, i dont even know if i have a dress with ruffles on it. the cozy, prettiness and decorated fluff of the Shabby Chic look is in complete contrast to the modern practicality of my concrete floors & countertops, blonde wood, white paint, and minimal  decor. most everything in my house has a purpose & a place. With the exception of shells, i dont have many things just because they are pretty. yet i love to visit the barns. im drawn to the sparkly glitter, the over-the-top glam, the feathers, the animal prints (i love zebra!), the sweet florals, the pure whites, the antiques, in other words i get a taste of all the girliness im lacking. i  love meeting and mingling with the new friends i make at the sales...and catching up with my fave regulars. as practical as i am  i have found if i indulge my girlside a little by incorporating some of my barnsale finds, it rounds my boy-ness out quite nicely. and its oh so fun. 

this is a little snippet of  the Chateau de Fleurs Market Place. there is more to come featuring my favorite vendors individually. this barn was  new to the circuit and the only barn sale i visited this time. artist Christie Repasy just moved to the area from Orange County. the sale was held at her cute new home and amazing in- home studio/ showroom. unfortunately i didnt take pix inside her studio, but you view her beautiful talent & artwork here

each  barn has it's own style.  this sale was set up market style with many vendors in seperate booths. very organized ,well planned and a delight to browse. freshly prepared homemade food using fresh ingredients was also served. on the menu was a feta burger patty wrapped in lettuce. (i heard everyone rave, but i dont eat red meat), the gullivers creamed corn chowder (recipe) was fantastic, but my fave was the fresh salsa &  handmade tortilla chips.

another cute booth that led to the artist showroom

i absoultely LOVE this idea

so much prettiness

studio porch

1 started out with me, but quickly went  home after she saw ALL the girlness. so Dad brought 2 to spend the rest of the time with me. this is def her thing.

never a day well spent if it doesn't include a pup. me and 8 month old, very well behaved Jade; the family's dog. such a cute girl. i wanted her of course.

more barn sale day pix and my fab finds to come. maybe next time you will get a chance to visit June 18th & 19th 2010. if your interested in reserving a spot as a vendor contact  christie repasy.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

to market, to market...but mostly the cutest little daisy

we took a break from school work to visit a morning farmers market. it was a much needed break.

the girls and i in front of the stand selling THE best lumpia, pancett, and teriyaki chicken we've ever had. we plan on being regulars. (please note the fab lime green wrist cuffs He made me. love!)

this little miss can't NOT pose when the camera is out. and yes my girls pick out their own clothes. 1 is currently in a willie nelson phase.

cutest little daisy i've ever seen

big sunglasses are a daily requirement

if it's a's love for my girls

im really excited about adding these babies to my garden : lettuce, zucchini, sorrel, fennel, most excited about the heirloom tomatoes 

i can already imagine what i'm going to do with these

 little miss was being such a ham for the camera, i couldn't help it. the rest of these are of her posing

working it out

so sassy

she could do this ALL day

even more cute

makes her own attention

Thursday, March 25, 2010

cute shoe love

i may not be THE girliest girl on the block...but im still a girl. so yes i love me some cute shoes (especially little girls shoes!). i fell in love the moment i saw these. i have tons of fun stuff to post but until then, look at my cute new shoes.

oooooooh pretty

getting ready to hit downtown

no one was downtown so here are my cute shoes alone in the town square

then along came jack.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

this uninvited guest of sameness ::springfever::

interesting day.
the wind is stirring up the change.
clouds and sun both.
somethings coming.
picking my walking path.
i chose left...and still feel it coming.

this came to mind as i was choosing which way to turn on a long walk. change. its coming. it always comes when it's supposed to too.  this particular day was stormy literally and figuratively. strange things happen outside just before a storm. happy white billowy clouds give way to gloomy grey swollen vessels, tempting to burst and just let the earth have it. playful gentle sunkissed breezes turn into agitated irritated force filled gust. this day, as i watched it loom and unfold, i could see change in the works. everything around me was warning me. things are going to happen . change is coming...and im realizing its coming for me.

i have a journal that i take out and read every year about this time. now for about 10 years.  it's at this time every year i develop an all consuming bout of melancholic angst. maybe known to most as spring fever. but "this" goes beyond spring cleaning , bursts of color, or tender young sprouts in the garden. this "thing" is a desperate and driving plead for change. yet every year at this time my journal reads the same. ok yes...every few years a new house, a new job for hubby, new baby girl, but always this all consuming sameness, this  smothering suffocating dying of self for a young mama and young woman. a place far away from the change longed for. change belonging to me.

this time around as i read,  i realized that yup on cue, this "thing" had not skipped a beat. here is this same uninvited guest of sameness. this same exact soul sucking place. but then slowly yet clearly dawned on me  :: maybe not ::  this year there is  potential for actual opporitunity for change. me change. my turn and a real chance of it. a hopeful glimmer perhaps, but nonetheless. i finally have no totally dependent & needy babies, no exhausting & over commited schedule, most of all NO EXCUSES. yes according to everything around me. my new friend change is on it's way...and is headed straight for me. no doubt bringing something new to write in my journal.