Monday, January 30, 2012


...Instagram is so much fun!
these are a few of my pix from this past week.
{no filter...just a little edge blurring}
i was so happy to see
apple blossoms in my backyard
along with warm sunshine! 
after a few cold, wet &
sickie weeks...
the girls & i are finally feeling better in
perfect timing to enjoy this great weather!
i started a new book this week.
i finished Water For Elephants a few days ago
& L O V E D I T!
i was actually kinda surprised how much i loved it.
this new book is a new genre for me.
it took me some time to figure out the author's rhythm & style.
it took me a couple of hours to read the 1st few paragraphs even,
but then Sunday i stayed in bed with the door closed & got into it.
The 1st few chapters are coming along & i'm liking it so far.
i love this pic of K!
LOVE the turquoise & the yellow.
my younger cousin crochets these big bright flowers
& we have several diff colors & we love to pin them everywhere.
this camera angle makes the flower look slightly larger than it is, but i think it just looks... so happy ;)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter fun {Gooey Gunk}

we've been having such a cold, rainy, sniffly & coughy few weeks. (But now all of a sudden it let up & in the 80s somehow!) We decided to do some fun stuff inside, despite the weather. Playing with the properties & states of matter was one if them. This Gooey Gunk experiment was just perfect for that! similiar recipe & video here
* Grrring that i cant flip those pix!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wintercrafting{pinterest pinecone cuties}

it was cold & rainy this weekend so the girls & i cozied up & crafted in front of the fireplace.
A designed this little snowy photo shoot scene with the lambie... guess that's pretty much the closest to snow we're gonna get here in Socal
(although its been super cold *for us* & it seems like it should be snowing!)
my little cutie.
please keep in mind i don't sew but i hand stitched around the edges of the felt.
AND YES! it almost killed me!
 i thought this would be a quick little craftie
it was cute & fun & everything
but after like 3 hours...
i didn't even care anymore & wanted to just be done!
M's little crafty cutie she made completely by herself.
she made some other little accessories that i didn't get a pic of.
K's sledding cutie she did all by herself.
love how we each came up with own different little creations.
A's ice skating cutie.
all she let me help her with really is sewing around the edges of the felt.
(This was the one i started with, much better job)


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

her own recipes

it started out as a mixing experiment with flour & water
 A said she's been dying to try.
 then she decided she wanted to try her new recipe.
she gathered her other ingredients
{besides the flour & water}:
garlic powder
onion powder
baking powder
bread crumbs
she baked it for a few hours.
it was very dense,
um... VERY moist & weighed @ 4 lbs.
Dad was the only one who tasted it
 & he said surprisingly it tasted like sourdough.
i, of course, couldnt taste it
because it wasn't gluten-free
*wink wink*
when i asked her if she wanted some with dinner she said

i did eat the salad she made us for lunch though
HUGE chunks of carrots
turkey lunch meat
ranch dressing
lemon pepper (or something!) tasted just like it was made with alot of hardwork & love.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Winterbreak Fun {ice skating }

Over winter break we went ice skating with friends. It was the 1st time for Little Miss A, but it took her no time to catch on.
Seems like the older we were the more we needed to re-learn :) But we all had Brrr-tastic fun!
Neither of us can wait to go again soon!

*ps the girls asked me to use their initials instead of calling them 1,2 & 3...which I thought was pretty cool thank you very much, but they decided they didn't like it to K (oldest), M (middle) & A (last) it is now. {bear with us}

BFF cuties

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hiking Torrey Pines

Last Sunday (can't believe it's been a week already!) we ended the last weekend of winter break & the first day of the new year with one of our fave activities. We did a family hike at Torrey Pines Reserve & after played at Torrey Pine State Beach in La Jolla. Such an amazingly beautiful hike thru the chaparral & along the breathtaking coastline. Full of many interesting educational opportunities also.

Afterwards we took the girlies shopping at Roxy in downtown. La Jolla is one of our fave places so it was such a treat to spend all day enjoying ourselves there.
*a little blogging from my iPhone & for some reason the pix always come out rearranged. Grrr-ing that they aren't posted in order.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saturday on the Homestead

This past weekend was the last weekend of our winter break & it turned into a fun one. Saturday a friend invited the fam to meet the newest additions to her little homestead : THE cutest mini potbelly pig & 2 super cute mini donkeys. In addition to her little fat goats, fluffy bunnies, chickens, mini soccer playing donkey Gheppeto & four doggies I couldn't stop screaming
It was too much fun! I tried to limit the pix but it was so hard.