Monday, January 30, 2012


...Instagram is so much fun!
these are a few of my pix from this past week.
{no filter...just a little edge blurring}
i was so happy to see
apple blossoms in my backyard
along with warm sunshine! 
after a few cold, wet &
sickie weeks...
the girls & i are finally feeling better in
perfect timing to enjoy this great weather!
i started a new book this week.
i finished Water For Elephants a few days ago
& L O V E D I T!
i was actually kinda surprised how much i loved it.
this new book is a new genre for me.
it took me some time to figure out the author's rhythm & style.
it took me a couple of hours to read the 1st few paragraphs even,
but then Sunday i stayed in bed with the door closed & got into it.
The 1st few chapters are coming along & i'm liking it so far.
i love this pic of K!
LOVE the turquoise & the yellow.
my younger cousin crochets these big bright flowers
& we have several diff colors & we love to pin them everywhere.
this camera angle makes the flower look slightly larger than it is, but i think it just looks... so happy ;)

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