Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wintercrafting{pinterest pinecone cuties}

it was cold & rainy this weekend so the girls & i cozied up & crafted in front of the fireplace.
A designed this little snowy photo shoot scene with the lambie... guess that's pretty much the closest to snow we're gonna get here in Socal
(although its been super cold *for us* & it seems like it should be snowing!)
my little cutie.
please keep in mind i don't sew but i hand stitched around the edges of the felt.
AND YES! it almost killed me!
 i thought this would be a quick little craftie
it was cute & fun & everything
but after like 3 hours...
i didn't even care anymore & wanted to just be done!
M's little crafty cutie she made completely by herself.
she made some other little accessories that i didn't get a pic of.
K's sledding cutie she did all by herself.
love how we each came up with own different little creations.
A's ice skating cutie.
all she let me help her with really is sewing around the edges of the felt.
(This was the one i started with, much better job)


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