Wednesday, August 31, 2011

archives{1's first not-so-school-dance-school-dance}

last school year our charter had a school dance.
1 wanted to go & i freaked.
(she's old enough already??? WAAAAAH!!!)
i'm not the school dance kinda mama, BUT the teachers all came up to me (since they know me so well) & gave me all the details about how it wasn't a TYPICAL school dance (like the ones i was imagining in my head)...
this was a covert operation.
ALL the teachers were there.
(the cute teacher in the pink is one of my favie neighbors across the eyes & ears).
they dances were group dances led by a dance instructor.
(no touchy-feely-boy-girl-dances-THANKS Mrs. K) 
& dance activities (like the macarena, electric slide, limbo, hula contest, etc...)
to enter the students had to donate canned food (GREAT IDEA!).
(i was only allowed to come in & take a few pix then was asked to leave)
one of the teachers was the DJ.
 1 said he played "i think 70's music".
there was a craft table.
a craft table at the the 6th-8th grade dance y'all!
{so stinkin' cute these two}
she hung out with one of her BFFs the entire time.

i made it thru my 1st child to ever go to a school dance.
i even left the campus premises &
didn't hang out at the dance door or spy thru gym the windows like i totally planned.
can't believe i left the parking lot.
 she had fun with out me & i didn't die.
she was proud of me.
* since i've been lagging, i have a lot of archive posts. i'll try to do better ;)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

summer{private swim with Ms. Pheebs}

This summer, 2 & 3 did private swim lessons with Ms. Pheebs (our cute neighborette).
their fave part...
ending on the waterslide :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

i almost died last weekend{ARACHNOPHOBIA}

i almost died last weekend!

He pulled this guy out of my turtle pond
(right near my backdoor slider...that the kids always leave WIDE open).
i know in my head tarantulas are harmless, gentle, shy creatures but they are also giant hairy spiders with fangs!
 i instantly went on total freak out!
i even sent all my neighbors text messages that said
"i love you dear neighbors, but it's time for me to move!"
i couldn't take it so immediately we packed up & headed out to the only place i know for sure around here that does have tarantulas...THE BEACH!
*p.s. after the fact seeing a real tarantula up close & personal (if you can bear to look at it...or see it thru your tears & hysterics) is actually PRETTY a very creepy-crawly-homeschooling-life-learning-scare-you-half-to-death kinda way!

Friday, August 19, 2011

in a fairly kicked back child led way{WE ARE BACK TO SCHOOL}

Thursday's are long, busy & seeming endless at our house (or NOT at our house i should say). Yesterday was filled to THE max.
This morning I straggled in the kitchen to find that 2 was up way before anyone making, stapling & organizing lesson copies from her spelling workbook.
I'm paying them a quarter a lesson to pre-copy their workbook lessons...this morning she has already made $2.50!
 This week we started regularly doing a little daily school. Eventhough we've been having a ton of fun this summer, the girls are bored & practically begging for it.
 We started cleaning & purging our classroom & they have been all excited & into the books,games & other learning materials.
They've really been doing "school" without me even asking.
They are ready to use their brains.
In a fairly kicked back child-led way, we have officially started back to school & they have grooved right on back in.
BUT summer ain't over yet!
Today we are off to a homeschooling meetup at the beach.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

not ready to give up the life we love {still homeschooling}

this morning after Bible study we noticed this little guy.
we spent some time quietly oberving & playing with him .
glad we had the time spend.
we dont want to miss stuff like this.

we didn't even try really & we failed.
we are just not ready to give up the  lifestyle we worked hard for & LOVE by sending the girls to school.
some bloggers are fairly open when discussing their personal business, not me so much, so just know that we are back to homeschooling & glad we realized it before it was too late.
 we are back to good.
i will share this though
(& more details later):
all of a sudden ALL of the things we've been searching for have all of a sudden appeared!  i mean crazy like:
  • happening upon a local website last night
  • 2 new connected friends
  • a few phone calls this morning 
  • a few e-mails connecting all the dots
the girls are ALMOST as excited as i am :)
THE absolute last minute my time.
absolutely PERFECT timing God time.
when will i ever learn right ;)

Friday, August 12, 2011

goodbyes & hellos

goodbyes & hellos

this cartoon made me laugh & more importantly think.

  • earthmama & brownsugar. time for a new name...i have no more babies really.
  • earthmama & brownsugar on twitter, FB, ning,etc...
  • summer (almost). one more trip further up the coast & i'll be happy. its only like 70 degrees now anyway.
  • less personal & EMBS computer distractions (social media). feeling like i HAD to post & try to keep up with it all was driving me crazy. Dont miss it!
  • new fresh blog name...brownsugar & honey fits us better now.
  • almost the end of summer & back to it! excited to see what comes with all of these changes.

Friday, August 5, 2011

ok so no roar for me yet...

ok so Dear Diary-
kinda bummed...i was really looking forward to finally finishing my dream of completing my IBLCE certificate & becoming a lactation consultant/educator.
helping mama's feed their babies (& all the goodness that comes with it).
(you know i am woman hear me roar & stuff finally)

i found out that all my previous classes still apply so i enrolled in a local community college this semester to finish my last ONE of the higher learning req classes before the lactation specific courses.
will try again next semester. i have to complete it to be able to enroll in the Lac Specific program for 2012.