Thursday, August 23, 2012

thrifty bargain{i love this everything}

i love:
this girl & her own little style.
this cute & easy summer play dress
($1 Gap Kids that i dont worry any about her playing in or ruining).
this everything!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a pretty natural transition

the brownsugars & i have been having a pretty natural transition back into homeschooling this year (eventhough we still dont want to give up our summer!). this is the 1st of many work sample posts of this year (a quick one since the mama taxi is rushing out the door again to horse ranch for miss M's lessons)

the 1st pic is one of my fave changes in our homeschool this year
(more in another post).
during homeschool time (& bible study,family worship etc...)
our beloved distracting & addicting little gadgets go in the basket.
yes including mine (with the exception of playing "school" music Pandora, audio books & important calls).
yesterday was the test & we all passed!

we had a fun game of bananagrams to brush up on our spelling, vocab & prob solving skills. dope was all me BTW! *mama is pidush a word? what about digity? tine? what does bail mean? is this the correct way to spell golf? is there a letter y in the word mini? oh. then how many letter i's etc...

we listened to our story of the world history lesson on CD (another change that i am so super grateful for!) while i did laundry & the brownsugars had to make the GF pizza crusts for dinner...all by themselves. we had 2 different types, the one in the pic is BBQ chicken. they did such a good job with the reading, following directions, measuring, problem solving, predicting, investigating (yeast) & team work etc...they were just as proud of themselves as i was of them because dinner turned out DELISH!  

Friday, August 17, 2012

it has been unseasonably warm for the last few days...

"it has been unseasonably warm for the last few days...and today again, a romantic sunrise, clouds edged in crimson just before the sun rose between two banks of soft gray. now at half past nine the sea is that ineffably calm satin blue and the clouds have vanished. purity and peace." may sarton the house by the sea

i needed a break from reading book after book about the same subject matter(the south, slavery, hatred, violence, oppression, etc...).
the title of this autobiography caught my eye at the used bookstore & for 25 cents i figured why not? it is a journal of the author's east coast move from her inland new hampshire home to a house on the seacoast of maine. thru this journey of solitude & self discovery she re-awakens her creative passion & spirit.  
a light summer read, some of my fave subjects
& i miss the east coast (that i love!).
i'm enjoying it so far.

the beginning of this quote is especially true in that it has been crazy hot the last couple of weeks.
the brownsugars & i have started transitioning into our new homeschool year & we are off to a great start so far.
but there is still quite a bit of summer left in us that we just cannot let go of yet ;)

Friday, August 3, 2012

farm notes {summer in our backyard}

wed we got so brain-fried with next years planning, impossible (over)scheduling, e-mails, deadlines, commitments...blah blah blah. so, the brownsugars & i decided to take our tent, books, art supplies, pillows & snugglies & move out of the house for the rest of summer! 
our summer weather here in socal has been so pleasant that it much nicer to be out in it than inside anyway.
*btw- yard sales & estate sales are a great places to get outdoor/camping gear already in kid-friendly condition. i bought this tent & the checkered sleeping bag from a neighbors yard sale for $5 about 3-4 years ago. at that price i could care less about the spills & stains, the dirt, the torn screens etc from my tomboys & worries.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

{one & vintage love}

at one time this skirt & this bike were both new.
don't think i would have loved them as much then.

i'm attempting a couple of photo challenges on Instagram for the month of august. today's prompt was one.

vintage wrap skirt $1 at my fave thrift store.
vintage bike $5 at local estate sale.
brownsugarhoney on IG.

*not liking the IG to blogger size formatting, but still fun!