Friday, August 3, 2012

farm notes {summer in our backyard}

wed we got so brain-fried with next years planning, impossible (over)scheduling, e-mails, deadlines, commitments...blah blah blah. so, the brownsugars & i decided to take our tent, books, art supplies, pillows & snugglies & move out of the house for the rest of summer! 
our summer weather here in socal has been so pleasant that it much nicer to be out in it than inside anyway.
*btw- yard sales & estate sales are a great places to get outdoor/camping gear already in kid-friendly condition. i bought this tent & the checkered sleeping bag from a neighbors yard sale for $5 about 3-4 years ago. at that price i could care less about the spills & stains, the dirt, the torn screens etc from my tomboys & worries.


  1. Great idea and your sweet girlies look so happy!! Have a great weekend! xo Ashlyn

    1. we are enjoying our summer...enjoy ur weekend & thank u ashlyn!