Friday, May 7, 2010

Exotic Plant Sale Part II Beauti Florist

this was one of my fave booths at the Exotic Plant Sale April  3rd.  see Part I here ok, ok & the last of the FAB orchids.  this vendor specializes in events (great prices). i have my faves all picked out for when He asks me to marry him again...& the ring too of course. alas, im still waiting because He seems to think once was enough.

Beauti Florist

beautiful bromeliads

bloom up close, from the side it looks like a fan

this curly beauty was so fascinating to me

close up


these are potted in huge snail like shells

i could fill my house to the brim with orchids alone. arent they lovely?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i want Babycakes! the day i met Coco

 January 15th  my brother had his first baby.  i want her BAD! ( i REALLY wanted her name to be Coco!) i really want 4 girls & she looks like she could fit right in with my other three perfectly. 

me (after being on the road about 8 hours. excuse the scary, sleepy, driving all day look) & my baby Coco

sweet pink baby love

my baby with my brother & my other baby

hard to tell, but would this be considered jealousy?

since we live further away, ive only seen my baby Coco once. i hear she's all fat & juicy now, like babies are supposed to be. they are coming to the family reunion at our house in a few weeks & i can't wait. just between you & me, she's the one i want to see the most. i've already decided to hog her for myself, never put her down, completely spoil her, & run away with her when they have to leave. sweet baby Coco

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Exotic Plants Sale Part I :: Granite Hill Orchids & Licos Orchids

on April 3rd i spent a little "me time" at the Exotic Plant Sale. you have to know plants are my thing. i was blown away at the amazing specimens, some i have never seen before. WARNING :: my camera battery died because i took way too many photos. i tried to be easy on you & leave out some photos eventhough i wanted you too see them ALL. i split them up into a Exotic Plant Sale series (cant help myself). look at these gorgeous photos & you'll see why. if plants dont interest you...look anyway. spring has sprung & im hoping you maybe inspired.  i put the links to each vendor in case you see something you have to have.

the orchids booths stole the show. of course i got a little carried away. i love orchids because if you treat them right they treat you with months of pretty

had to have this one

ummm & this one

won my heart

my all time fave. AMAZING!

interesting idea

how can you not be blown away by the beauty?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

she's happy mama tried something new

before we knew if 1 was a girl or boy, i REALLY hoped she was a boy for one reason :: I HATE DOING HAIR! just my luck i was blessed with 3 beautiful curly headed girls full of it, & that's not including my own. 1 prefers her usual two braids or low ponytail. 3 two perfectly poofy, curly, ponytail puffs & a little beaded braid dangling down right in the middle of her forehead. 2 usually likes to experiment with her own hair. BUT this day...

2 brings me this book & turns to page 10. thanks to the directions & pictures, this is what mama came up with

the ponytail veil step one

step two

step three

turned out quite cute, wasn't as bad as i thought, & totally made her day 

 of course not to be out done, i had to do something equally as creative for Little Miss

you guessed it! one happy little sister