Saturday, May 1, 2010

she's happy mama tried something new

before we knew if 1 was a girl or boy, i REALLY hoped she was a boy for one reason :: I HATE DOING HAIR! just my luck i was blessed with 3 beautiful curly headed girls full of it, & that's not including my own. 1 prefers her usual two braids or low ponytail. 3 two perfectly poofy, curly, ponytail puffs & a little beaded braid dangling down right in the middle of her forehead. 2 usually likes to experiment with her own hair. BUT this day...

2 brings me this book & turns to page 10. thanks to the directions & pictures, this is what mama came up with

the ponytail veil step one

step two

step three

turned out quite cute, wasn't as bad as i thought, & totally made her day 

 of course not to be out done, i had to do something equally as creative for Little Miss

you guessed it! one happy little sister 

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