Sunday, May 2, 2010

Exotic Plants Sale Part I :: Granite Hill Orchids & Licos Orchids

on April 3rd i spent a little "me time" at the Exotic Plant Sale. you have to know plants are my thing. i was blown away at the amazing specimens, some i have never seen before. WARNING :: my camera battery died because i took way too many photos. i tried to be easy on you & leave out some photos eventhough i wanted you too see them ALL. i split them up into a Exotic Plant Sale series (cant help myself). look at these gorgeous photos & you'll see why. if plants dont interest you...look anyway. spring has sprung & im hoping you maybe inspired.  i put the links to each vendor in case you see something you have to have.

the orchids booths stole the show. of course i got a little carried away. i love orchids because if you treat them right they treat you with months of pretty

had to have this one

ummm & this one

won my heart

my all time fave. AMAZING!

interesting idea

how can you not be blown away by the beauty?

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