Wednesday, July 27, 2011

cute camping hair

{cute camping hair}

Monday 1 & I had our hair braided for camping.
i hate hate hate doing hair, but im going to do the other two girls myself (unless my Mama gets here in time)since they have different hair & it wouldn't last until this weekend.
{funny girl! now everytime i take a pic, she throws up mustache. silliness!!!}
she didn't last long with the beads though. too heavy & hurtful during soccer practice.
i asked for 1 or 2 beads & i think she thought i meant 1 or 2 on each braid.
i LOVE it though...i think it came out so stinkin' cute!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

{Mahogany Monday} learning from leopard geckos

{Mahogany Monday}
learning from leopard geckos
the girls got another interesting & educational pet sitting job
(remember the frogs).
this time we have two leopard geckos of different ages (one is a cute little baby).
these two are waiting to go to their new home (my brother's) & the girls wanted to watch them until then.
problem is we are getting attatched of course.
 "scrawny little wiggly baby.
it looks like it needs to eat to me.
Girls, what do you think baby leopard geckos are SUPPOSED to look like?
Can someone look up baby leopard geckos for me & find out? 
Wonder if are we feeding it the right stuff?
Wonder what they eat?
WOW! Their bodies are actually soft & squishy, total opposite of the beardy...i wonder why?
Why don't we see them much during the day?
(you get the picture right?) 

{lizards are for boys! ummm...}
2 & her bearded dragon Zoingo say

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

{saturday morning} He tries to ruin our summer!!!

*warning kind of a long story, but totally funny*
(NOPE! WRONG ANSWER NERD! FOR THE RECORD He knows his equation was wrong...but that's what he gets for not listening to ME! he said he just did it for the pic. ok whatever nerd.)

(will get to the nerdy pic in part 2)
last night our Outdoor Family Movie Night was perfect!
 super cool & clear night. ice cream sundaes. backyard full of friends. kiddies in jammies snuggled up in sleeping bags. Tangled on the outdoor screen. staying up way Way WAAAAY too late.
 i was too busy having fun to use my camera.
(in other words...forgot to take pic!!!)
blah blah blah...ok so fast forward to this morning.

(the nerdy pic)
OFMN was so fun but super exhausting...this morning all we wanted to do was sleep in & relax all day. but no.
He had the nerve bring us into the classroom
1st thing in the morning on a summer Saturday mind you...with this super complex real life math problem.
(which BTW would be super cool any other time)
with coffee in hand. tiny eye slits. brain still on summer shutdown. i wanna go back & lay down on the couch so i quickly & efficiently come up with the answer.
simple. easy. done. back to summer.
life is good again...
but NOOOO!!!!!
He literally goes off on a tangent (get it, get it) spends like an hour formulating, calculating on the whiteboard, consulting books, the graphing calculator...then i hear (under his breath & in total disbelief)
"that cant be"
he found the answer (notice though please i have already found the answer like an hour ago)...
& ohhh he absolutely hated to admit it. 


Friday, July 22, 2011

i'm just a different kinda crafty

i love this!
honestly i'm that mama who can barely sew, knit, quilt, bake, decorate fancy desserts, scrapbook & all that other stereotypical mama stuff to save my just a different kinda crafty & i'm more than ok with it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

{summer homeschool snippets}

{summer homeschool snippets}
this week we decided to start cleaning, organizing & assessing our classroom for next year. earlier than planned & good thing!
there's sooo much to do!
(if i had the curtains to cover the shelves i'd show our classroom) 
we also started a very loose interpretation of summer homeschool with a very vague illusion of something almost resembling structure.
dont panic!
nothing TOO serious...summer aint over yet :)

3 is OBSESSED with workbooks/busywork...& this mama is not! from the time she wakes up she's nagging about doing school work, school work & more school work...all day long!!! very surprising because any other time she can't sit still for one minute. she's only allowed to do 2 pages & then she has to "walk away" from it for the day.
(cute girl!)

*4th grade BrainQuest Workbook*
i also pick this fun workbook up for 2 because she HATES book work! sounds like it makes no sense, but it does really. again only 2 pages a day, we do tons of fun-creative-child led-life learning-"no seat"-activities but this girl's creative & dreamy mind really needs to be refreshed, refocused & reinforced...
c o n s t a n t l y
(cute girl!)
*7th grade finishing the end of Saxon 7/6*
1 is pretty close to finishing this book from last year. im ordering the next book for this school year. don't want to leave any gaps & didn't want her to be without anything to do while her sisters are doing their school work.
(cute girl!)

*we also had fun playing educational games here. we tried this fun little mad libs game.
*we watched this fantastically amazing National Geographic Amazing Planet:Ocean Realm.(BUT we didn't like the "the ocean formed itself" stuff)*unplugged sunday. love love love THIS NEW BLOG ! & we've been trying Unplugged Sundays ourselves!

*Dollar Store Crafts great ideas!

 *coming up*
*i'm working on our homeschool wishlist.
*the girls started private swimming lessons. so stinkin' cute!
*the girls got another interesting & educational petsitting job. very fun way to learn.

P.S. we are really enjoying & appreciating our blog followers, Facebook Friends & Twitter Tweeties.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

{new summer faves}....yes an actual blog post

 {new summer faves}
i know i really need to update my blog more.
but its summer break & i will...eventually...hope this will tide you over for a while ;)

a lifesaver for all these curly headed girls! at little goes a long way, tames frizzies & defines their curls.
 all that plus feel good ingredients.

i think i already mentioned this one, but its a great conditioner & oil for hair that is in the water most of the summer.
the smell alone is fantastic!

(sorry terrible pic)
fantastic product for deep cleansing preteen skin...especially hormonal preteen skin (& athletic). equally as fantastic on athletic & hormonal adult skin. 

(another terrible pic)
as much as i hate the whole sunscreen thing, my girls burn easily & badly. although the girls really need a higher SPF i feel good (better) about the ingredients in this product line & the gentleness for our sensitive skin.
(i use the adult & their moisturizer with sunscreen...the only kind i dont react too)