Thursday, July 21, 2011

{summer homeschool snippets}

{summer homeschool snippets}
this week we decided to start cleaning, organizing & assessing our classroom for next year. earlier than planned & good thing!
there's sooo much to do!
(if i had the curtains to cover the shelves i'd show our classroom) 
we also started a very loose interpretation of summer homeschool with a very vague illusion of something almost resembling structure.
dont panic!
nothing TOO serious...summer aint over yet :)

3 is OBSESSED with workbooks/busywork...& this mama is not! from the time she wakes up she's nagging about doing school work, school work & more school work...all day long!!! very surprising because any other time she can't sit still for one minute. she's only allowed to do 2 pages & then she has to "walk away" from it for the day.
(cute girl!)

*4th grade BrainQuest Workbook*
i also pick this fun workbook up for 2 because she HATES book work! sounds like it makes no sense, but it does really. again only 2 pages a day, we do tons of fun-creative-child led-life learning-"no seat"-activities but this girl's creative & dreamy mind really needs to be refreshed, refocused & reinforced...
c o n s t a n t l y
(cute girl!)
*7th grade finishing the end of Saxon 7/6*
1 is pretty close to finishing this book from last year. im ordering the next book for this school year. don't want to leave any gaps & didn't want her to be without anything to do while her sisters are doing their school work.
(cute girl!)

*we also had fun playing educational games here. we tried this fun little mad libs game.
*we watched this fantastically amazing National Geographic Amazing Planet:Ocean Realm.(BUT we didn't like the "the ocean formed itself" stuff)*unplugged sunday. love love love THIS NEW BLOG ! & we've been trying Unplugged Sundays ourselves!

*Dollar Store Crafts great ideas!

 *coming up*
*i'm working on our homeschool wishlist.
*the girls started private swimming lessons. so stinkin' cute!
*the girls got another interesting & educational petsitting job. very fun way to learn.

P.S. we are really enjoying & appreciating our blog followers, Facebook Friends & Twitter Tweeties.

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