Thursday, July 14, 2011

{new summer faves}....yes an actual blog post

 {new summer faves}
i know i really need to update my blog more.
but its summer break & i will...eventually...hope this will tide you over for a while ;)

a lifesaver for all these curly headed girls! at little goes a long way, tames frizzies & defines their curls.
 all that plus feel good ingredients.

i think i already mentioned this one, but its a great conditioner & oil for hair that is in the water most of the summer.
the smell alone is fantastic!

(sorry terrible pic)
fantastic product for deep cleansing preteen skin...especially hormonal preteen skin (& athletic). equally as fantastic on athletic & hormonal adult skin. 

(another terrible pic)
as much as i hate the whole sunscreen thing, my girls burn easily & badly. although the girls really need a higher SPF i feel good (better) about the ingredients in this product line & the gentleness for our sensitive skin.
(i use the adult & their moisturizer with sunscreen...the only kind i dont react too)


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  1. You followed me on Twitter. I also have a blog which I have on hiatus during the Tour De France.

    I am a long time homeschooling mom!