Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spring purge & spring break

*spring purge*
this is what's going on in my house right now.
while we were gone the girls have been taking on more chores & so they decided they wanted to do a serious hardcore purge of all their unnecessary belongings so they can clean less, be more organized, play more, pick up & go to the beach whenever we want, cut their chore time down & have more free time in general.
(YAAAAY!!! i hate stuff) 
the above bags are just some of the clothes we took out.
next are the toys & knick knacks.
my dedicated girls worked hard about 8 hours a day a few days in a row last week trying on,purging,cleaning & organizing.
 they needed a break.
these came from my room
this is my e-bay/ craigslist pile.
many brand names (that i paid good money for & never used mind you)...please note the Dooney & Bourke Cabrio leather bag (retail @ $258!!!)that i've only put my stuff in twice....about 10 years ago!!!
im reevaluating my entire handbag collection.
this purge is serious!
stuff i still need to try on from my closet.
but now my room is ready for paint!!!
i already have the paint color, the bedding & decor.
out of all the moving & houses we've lived in, He & i never had a completed bedroom before.
im soooo excited!!!

 it is spring break so we've also been throwing some fun in there.
here's a few:
  • we went to our charter's outdoor fam movie night. Toy Story 3 was much better outside w/ friends in sleeping bags :)
  • 1's soccer practice started.
  • we did the Paws in the Park dog show...more of my girlies came out a big winner!
  • then of course to the beach afterwards since it was soooo hot!
  • been enjoying good coffee & fantastic wine.
  • had new friends over.
  • hung out & got caught up with our fab neighbors.
  • Mahalo & i have went hiking. too gorgeous NOT to be outside!
  • i started landscaping my front yard outside my courtyard.
  • i went to the Memorial of Jesus Christ's death.
  • & today we are finally headed out to our new state of the art library.

Friday, April 15, 2011

home. beach. happy.

we're finally home!!!
after 3 months of being way...
i don't think i've been any happier to see this gorgeous sunshine-y view of paradise out my driveway.
(pix from my Blackberry)
i told Him no matter how tired i am...
take me to the nearest beach ASAP when i get home! we got home Saturday, Sunday we had to drop my mama off at the train station in Oceanside
(she came along for the ride home)
so Oceanside it was & i couldn't have been any happier!
the day was beautiful & abs PERFECT!
we did a little shopping, met every single cute doggie & owner as we walked around, watched everyone ride their fab beach cruisers, had lunch, tidepooled & rock climbed while watching the junior surf competition, walked barefooted in the sand, smiled, laughed, soaked it all in.
all of it.
all 5 of us together... 
we're definitely back home
& let me tell you
* ps. back to dear, dear hubs that i absolutely love with all my heart was a workaholic bachelor while we were gone. meaning mama has a long list of to dos & we've been checking things off. somethings (like my poor garden & bedroom) have to be completely overhauled & started fresh.
be back here as soon as we get settled & going.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

some fun things i can share & a few new faves

 ok since my last post wasn't very fair... 
{here are some fun things i can share}

1. Friday i FINALLY learned how to make soap!!! im soooo excited i've been wanting to learn to make soap for years & years! cant wait to get home & get started experimenting. i have 2 soaps in particular that i really want to make. 
(that was the class i was talking about taking) 

2.we are going to be glued to this live eagle cam.  eggs should be hatching anyday. this time we wont let ourselves get addicted like when we watched Molly the Barn Owl live cam. (a new fave!)

3. had to set it aside for a bit, but i finally finished reading The Heart of a Woman- Maya Angelou.

4. im loving my new book Organized Simplicty. cant wait to really let my house have it this summer! (a new fave!)

5. i found another fab fave blog. she loves the beach as much as i do (almost)! i love her jewlery, crafts & design all of it. all the exact things i would love to do if i had the time. (DEF a new fave! i seriously spent hours here one Sunday when my girls were away)

6. He made it safely Thursday night. his mom has had the girlies most of the weekend, so we can get moved out (TONIGHT!).
& of course so we could also go on a date :) Saturday we went to Sequoia Brewing Company, had beer, food, listened the band, i hit the dancefloor & we stayed up waaaay to late. such a fun night, we dont get many living away from the family. 

times a tickin' 
i better get...tootles!