Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spring purge & spring break

*spring purge*
this is what's going on in my house right now.
while we were gone the girls have been taking on more chores & so they decided they wanted to do a serious hardcore purge of all their unnecessary belongings so they can clean less, be more organized, play more, pick up & go to the beach whenever we want, cut their chore time down & have more free time in general.
(YAAAAY!!! i hate stuff) 
the above bags are just some of the clothes we took out.
next are the toys & knick knacks.
my dedicated girls worked hard about 8 hours a day a few days in a row last week trying on,purging,cleaning & organizing.
 they needed a break.
these came from my room
this is my e-bay/ craigslist pile.
many brand names (that i paid good money for & never used mind you)...please note the Dooney & Bourke Cabrio leather bag (retail @ $258!!!)that i've only put my stuff in twice....about 10 years ago!!!
im reevaluating my entire handbag collection.
this purge is serious!
stuff i still need to try on from my closet.
but now my room is ready for paint!!!
i already have the paint color, the bedding & decor.
out of all the moving & houses we've lived in, He & i never had a completed bedroom before.
im soooo excited!!!

 it is spring break so we've also been throwing some fun in there.
here's a few:
  • we went to our charter's outdoor fam movie night. Toy Story 3 was much better outside w/ friends in sleeping bags :)
  • 1's soccer practice started.
  • we did the Paws in the Park dog show...more of my girlies came out a big winner!
  • then of course to the beach afterwards since it was soooo hot!
  • been enjoying good coffee & fantastic wine.
  • had new friends over.
  • hung out & got caught up with our fab neighbors.
  • Mahalo & i have went hiking. too gorgeous NOT to be outside!
  • i started landscaping my front yard outside my courtyard.
  • i went to the Memorial of Jesus Christ's death.
  • & today we are finally headed out to our new state of the art library.

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