Friday, April 15, 2011

home. beach. happy.

we're finally home!!!
after 3 months of being way...
i don't think i've been any happier to see this gorgeous sunshine-y view of paradise out my driveway.
(pix from my Blackberry)
i told Him no matter how tired i am...
take me to the nearest beach ASAP when i get home! we got home Saturday, Sunday we had to drop my mama off at the train station in Oceanside
(she came along for the ride home)
so Oceanside it was & i couldn't have been any happier!
the day was beautiful & abs PERFECT!
we did a little shopping, met every single cute doggie & owner as we walked around, watched everyone ride their fab beach cruisers, had lunch, tidepooled & rock climbed while watching the junior surf competition, walked barefooted in the sand, smiled, laughed, soaked it all in.
all of it.
all 5 of us together... 
we're definitely back home
& let me tell you
* ps. back to dear, dear hubs that i absolutely love with all my heart was a workaholic bachelor while we were gone. meaning mama has a long list of to dos & we've been checking things off. somethings (like my poor garden & bedroom) have to be completely overhauled & started fresh.
be back here as soon as we get settled & going.


  1. Yay for being home! We love the beach too. I am so looking forward to going in the next few weeks.

  2. yay Deb, yay for the beach, yay for family togetherness :)