Sunday, April 3, 2011

some fun things i can share & a few new faves

 ok since my last post wasn't very fair... 
{here are some fun things i can share}

1. Friday i FINALLY learned how to make soap!!! im soooo excited i've been wanting to learn to make soap for years & years! cant wait to get home & get started experimenting. i have 2 soaps in particular that i really want to make. 
(that was the class i was talking about taking) 

2.we are going to be glued to this live eagle cam.  eggs should be hatching anyday. this time we wont let ourselves get addicted like when we watched Molly the Barn Owl live cam. (a new fave!)

3. had to set it aside for a bit, but i finally finished reading The Heart of a Woman- Maya Angelou.

4. im loving my new book Organized Simplicty. cant wait to really let my house have it this summer! (a new fave!)

5. i found another fab fave blog. she loves the beach as much as i do (almost)! i love her jewlery, crafts & design all of it. all the exact things i would love to do if i had the time. (DEF a new fave! i seriously spent hours here one Sunday when my girls were away)

6. He made it safely Thursday night. his mom has had the girlies most of the weekend, so we can get moved out (TONIGHT!).
& of course so we could also go on a date :) Saturday we went to Sequoia Brewing Company, had beer, food, listened the band, i hit the dancefloor & we stayed up waaaay to late. such a fun night, we dont get many living away from the family. 

times a tickin' 
i better get...tootles!


  1. glad to see u post, I would love to read more, hopefully when u get settled.

  2. Hello, New to the Mahogany way community and wanted to say hello ;)) I'm Marilyn from lovely to meet ya. Officially following your blog ;)) Hope you can stop by mine sometime.. Lovely posts..