Thursday, March 31, 2011

so much going on!

whew! soooo much going on lately!

here's a few things:
warning the following may either leave you intrigued or frustrated (ha ha!)
*we are wrapping up some fun projects of different types. some are gifts & some are school projects that we are i cant share yet. 

*we've been LOVING the freedom of homeschooling independently (i reopened our private school as opposed to our charter) these last few months. more eclectic & less textbook-y...the way we like it, but waaay more learning & flexibility. (a whole 'nother post) i cant share yet.  

*if everything works out tomorrow the girls & i are taking a class that i've been dying to take for years...sooooo excited!...but i cant share yet.

*at the last minute we finally got a renter for this house, but she wants to move in by MONDAY!!! He is coming tonight to help get us packed up & out. we cant wait to see him! but we haven't figured out where to stay for our last few days i cant share yet.

*tues 2 had a last minute skin biopsy done. so we have to wait here a few more days for the follow up test results & stitches to be removed instead of FINALLY going home.
if the Dr. assumption is wont believe the diagnosis or how it was diagnosed)...but i cant share yet.

*spring has been such a tease but it has been very warm & sunny all of sudden. sunshine makes us very happy...& happiness is something i can share :)

* a few new friends have joined our space recently. YAAAY!!! hello & thank you :)

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  1. Yay a blog. Now I can really SEE what you are up to. Of course there seems to be a lot that you "can't say" lol. We just moved from charter to our own private school too. Much better for us. I'm loving homeschooling Nate. Feel free to check out our HS blog I need to blog more frequently, but life gets in the way sometimes.

    Sheri and Nate