Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{visiting back home} Nana's house part 1

{visiting back home}

at Nana's part 1

my Aunt's aka Nana house is the place our family always gathers & have for years. 
everyone LOVES Nana's house.  
this family gathering was a funeral brunch for my Grandma's. grim reason for having a gathering, but my fam loves getting together for any reason & sad occasions become happy, fun & crazy reunions. (see my brunch dish here)
(tried to spare too many pics)
we had family come from ALL over, some i haven't seen in close to 20 years.
 being the nerd mama i am...i printed out a list of questions for my girls to interview family members they may or may have not met.
it's amazing the family history lessons we learned but the big bonus was the 1st hand black history lessons we learned.
really brought the history close to home & made it real for us all, not just the girls.
a small part of the "monkey bunch",
many had already left.
me & two of my cousins...
it's been YEARS!
my Daddy.
looks like he's reading...he's actually catnapping :)
my cousin "Guido".
it's been FOREVER & EVER!!!
we used to visit him in NY when we lived in CT when we were younger (I was in high school). he still lives on the East Coast. it was such a fantastic treat to see him.
the visit wasn't nearly long enough!
Grammy (my mama)
catnapping with 3...
who should be napping.
Nana & my horse-loving girl 2.
this is how it ALWAYS goes at Nana's house
:: the horses Mickey & Misty, 
& the sunset (or well beyond)::
1 being brave on Misty.
my little cousin...
she's a true horse-loving girl!
another little cousin
*in his cowboy voice*
anybody gonna get on a horse-say?
*i heart my fam*

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