Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{huevos rancheros}...with a twist!

my quicker, easier, healthier, plenty to go around 
{huevos rancheros}
this morning i made DELISH huevos rancheros & tried something new.
& it's my new fave! 
not kidding..
they were so fantastic that one of the girls eyes actually rolled to the back of her head!
(while you're putting this all together, wrap your tortillas in foil & heat them in the oven)

My Ranchero Sauce
(please use what you have...to your taste. have fun & make it easy!)
i used canned black beans
(heated in the skillet first in canola oil).
then added
  green & red salsa from a jar,
taco seasoning (to taste), 
the white chunks are actually cottage cheese...
sounds weird,
but it still tastes delish
(can't taste it at all or tell it's there), it
helps with the volume of the ranchero sauce, cuts down on the amount of cheese & fills up the belly! 
(lately my girls appetites have been insane!)
*i use cottage cheese in other things like lasagna, ravioli bake, Doritos pie & many other casseroles.

to serve
cook your egg up how you like it 
(i like mine a tad runny for this dish).
slap it on top of a heated corn tortilla or 2.
top with plenty of the ranchero sauce.
sprinkle with cheese & fresh cilantro.

serving suggestions : Tabasco, rice & beans, sour cream (or plain yogurt), fresh fruit, black coffee. make the sauce ahead if your serving company. 

* He sent me pix from our grove in So Cal & it's avocado season back home.
i cant wait to get home & make these with our homegrown avos,homemade salsa, ripe fruit & fresh organic free range eggs from our chickiegirls. 

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