Thursday, March 24, 2011

{visiting back home}Nana's house pt 3...the horses

{visiting back home}Nana's house part 3
 parts 1 2
  my girls & Chloe spending time in the warm sunshine with Gram

{the horses}
visits to Nana's house always end with the horses.
Nana (Aunt Kathy)
this woman LOVES her horses
 Mickey & newly rescued Misty.

{Ms. Mia...THE horse girl}
the real kind of horse girl that lives & breathes horses.
 lovin' this girl in this hat

{Ms. Kai...becoming a horse girl?}
a while ago the girls did horseback riding lessons together & Kai wasn't interested, but Nana's house has changed her mind.

{Ms. August...horses? ummm...not so much}
well ok...maybe just not ready to ride yet.
i'm still lovin' my girls in the hat 

{ok now! Mama a horse girl???}
surprisingly this was my second time ever in life riding a horse.
i've always thought of horses as magnificently beautiful & powerful animals,
 yet they have always intimidated me.
 i loved it!
horses are one of my new faves!
i already warned Ryan that i totally see them in our (VERY distant) future! 

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