Saturday, March 5, 2011

{visiting back home} the 1st blue egg...& we missed it!

{visiting back home}
our chickiegirls start laying eggs!

we totally babied our chickiegirls when we brought them home.
kept them indoors under heat lamps, held them constantly, helped them roost...all the good chickie owner stuff!
spoiled them eventhough we knew they wouldn't lay for at least 6 months (like we were supposed too!)
then of course He sends us this pic
(while we are still away from home mind you)... 
the chickiegirls 1st eggs!
we only have 2 chickiegirls left Fluffycheeks & Georgia, but they have been producing well.
so He send me this pic...
which said
"i'm actually starting to like the chickens."
(quite a big deal for Him.)
the chickiegirls have been happily running wild in our backyard "free ranging" while we have been away
(the dogs are with us, so they are safe).
they started laying on the ground so he made them this cozy laying box.
he's been such a good chickiedaddy, feeding, watering, gathering eggs every morning,
then he sends us this pic...
Fluffycheeks 1st blue egg!
yes, we've been waiting for the egg laying,
but even more exciting was waiting for the 1st blue egg!!!
we missed it all! 

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