Sunday, March 27, 2011

Poor Sweet Ollie

Poor Prince Oliver Coco!
it's called love & these girls got it bad for you sweet boy.
he's our only boy besides Hubby & Carmello the bunny.
BTW yes, we think Ollie is sooo much stinkier yet sooo much cuter shaggy!
*the girls just got back from a movie date & sleepover weekend with their cousins at their Grandma's.
(i actually got to go see a grown up play IN A THEATER!!!)

Ollie missed them badly & was so happy to see them when they came home...mind you it was only overnight.
ok ok my tail was wagging because i was happy to see them too,
but he may (or may not) have been the only one spinning around the floor in circles.

is it just me or does everyone elses kids seem like they grow a bunch when they are away ?!?

*dont know what the deal is with blogger this post is may have to click the icon to see the me you'll want to see it :)


  1. Cute picture! And yes they do grow even if it is overnight.