Saturday, March 26, 2011

{visiting back home} the girlies visit the salon

{visiting back home}
the girlies visit the salon

eventhough my girls are not super girly girly, they still think visiting the salon is such a treat!
(unlike myself)

i dont like using a lot of heat on my girls hair (or straightening their gorgeous curls), but they badly needed their ended trimmed & they've been begging to be pampered at a real salon.
they were so happy!

{3's turn}
(BTW- 3 put a makeup sample from a mag on her face & even after a shower it was still on her face. you can see it in her pix. that's some fantastic makeup!!!)

this was her 1st time.
she was way more than excited!
 the "just for girls" Princess cape was icing on the cake!
she looks sooo different!
all the girls hair was waaaay longer than anyone imagined!
one of the stylists was using purple shampoo & 3 was fascinated.
the stylist surprised her by asking her if she wanted some then put the foam on her fingers.
 too cute!
{2's turn}
sooo pretty!
i have to admit i miss my curly girlies, but this is fun too.
 we all want whatever hair we dont have.
 what i wouldn't give to have their hair!
& im sure this is not even the beginning.
*deep sigh*
{1's turn}
SUPER LOOOONG & beautiful!
 1 is such a tomboy & always wears two braids pretty much.
my oldest baby is growing up & it's showing!
& like all the rest of my girls...into a beautiful young lady!
(just not so fast please!)
these two have been having fun dressing up alike now that their hair is the same.

{salon artwork}
the shop owner brought tons of amazingly beautiful paintings from Bali & decorated the shop with them (as well as sells them).
they are all of ethnic women...i had to share.
my fave


  1. They are all SUPER cute. I can not do hair (I think it was a joke from the gods to give me four girls) and that is why all of mine have locks, lol.

  2. Super cute, I have 4 curlies it's fun to see their eyes light up when they really like a style.