Friday, June 29, 2012

farm notes{a cute happy girl & a rooster that lays eggs}

haha! love this pic for so many reasons!
a cute happy girl with a chicken under each arm.
can't help but smile...oh & then there are the glasses.

*oh yeah...remember a while back when i talked about how uncharacteristically super sweet, cuddly, quiet etc... Hot Chocolate (on the right) was for being a rooster?
well a few months ago, he started laying eggs.
(reread it & think about it for a it?)

even though there are conditions & theories that may explain it, i really cannot figure it out. especially since i heard shim
cock-a-doodle-do & everything.
either way i need to stop calling her a he .but i cant. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

thrifty bargain{kid crafted beachy summer happy}

super excited about this weeks thrifty bargain!
love my new kid crafted necklace from one of the
kiddies "store" at our co-op's 1st day of summer Kid's Market.

the happy little fishy & the bright summery bursts of color,
esp my fave beachy turquoise & melon-y orange combo,
were calling my name & i snatched it right up!

to make it officially summer ready i need to add crimping beads to secure the string to the clasp since they were just knotted on, 
but still cannot beat my $1 kid crafted bit of beachy summer happy!

Monday, June 25, 2012



this weekend was pretty mellow.
saturday morning i played catch up on things around the house.
the littlest brownsugar didn't feel well.
that girl is the type that if she is miserable,
she makes sure everyone else is too.
so we cancelled our backyard camp out plans.

i got this fondue set for $2 at my fave thrift store.
i marinated shrimp, chicken & par boiled red potatoes
& we had a fun little indoor fondue party for din instead.


sunday i laid in bed until 11 am finishing Catching Fire.
i am amazed that Hunger Games was soooo fantastic & Catching Fire was even better! i did not want to put it down, but i needed to eat.

part of my plan this summer was to get back to my menu planning.
i lost control of it during this crazy year & now back to it.
i decided to start off taking it a week at a time, but ended up with almost a month of healthy dinners on the calendar!

hubby started polishing up his grill master skills.
he made ribs for he & the girlies & slow smoked honey curry chicken i had marinating (similar to this recipe, but i added curry to taste). i sauteed some delish baby bellas in butter, olive oil, garlic, soy sauce & cider vinegar.
after that meal i am swearing off white rice...again...forever
this time though. 
it was all soooo good! can't wait for our summer BBQ party!

i couldn't help myself. even though i barely finished Catching Fire earlier in the day, i could not wait to get in my jammies
& get in the bed super early & read Mockingjay until my eyes refused to read anymore...& again...just like the others I'M HOOKED!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

first day of summer 2012

this super cute dress was handmade by one of the co-op girlies!

for the first day of summer 2012
our homeschooling co-op had a fun
Kid's Market/BBQ/pool party Thursday.
at the Kid's Market the kiddies chose the items they wanted to sell, set up their own "stores",set their own prices,
& handled their own negotiations & transactions with real money.
the mamas supervised & swapped curriculum & supplies.
the kiddies also had fun shopping at each others stores
& so did the mamas!
there were tons of goodies to choose from.
lots of creative kiddie-made goodies too.
afterwards we had a yummy BBQ & a super fun swim party.
well the kiddies did anyway,
at only 75 degrees out us smart mamas decided to sit in patio chairs & relax in the sunshine on life guard duty ;) 

Friday, June 22, 2012

thrifty bargains{bright color fun}

me & my beautiful brownsugars
this was supposed to post yesterday &
today my 1st day off summer post wont pooh.

i wore this new Old Navy dress Sunday to our congregation meeting.
& it is now one of my new faves! 
& at $12 it is also one my new fave thrifty bargains!
i usually go for neutral colors (khaki, grey, black...),
but i am ABS LOVING this bright summery citrine color more than i thought i would. received tons of compliments even.
i could not help having a big bright smile in this color
& neither could everyone around me.
love that!
i'm def liking this getting out of my comfort zone
& adding more color to my wardrobe business.
soooo much fun!
* and yes i know my stinkin' bra strap is sticking out in every single pic...Grrr!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

thrifty bargains{REI members only sale}

1. women's keen targhee hiking boots
original price $140
REI members only sale price (used good condition) $19.95

2. women's keen alamosa shoe
original price $120
REI members only sale price (brand new returned) $49.95

 3. men's Keen targhee hiking boot
original price $140
REI members only sale price (brand new returned) $49.95

4. thule raceway 3 bike car rack
original price $250 +
REI members only sale price (new return) $25!!!
on Saturday we went to the REI members only sale.
REI is one of our fave stores 
& this time being a member more than paid off!
we are a Keen loving family.
they are THE most comfie shoes ever.
 my kiddies all time fave, most worn shoes & the only ones that hold up to their abuse (even after a year or two).  
this time hubby & i were on the hunt for hiking boots with ankle support to add to our Keen collection 
& we also wanted a multi bike rack for my car.
we also got a few other little fun things super cheap.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

teenager + homeschooling {it is official}

it is still unbelievable that my oldest brownsugar K turned 13 in January!!!
(blogger ate that post grrr)
& we have had a teenager in our house every since but not at all
(as of yet) in the negative sense of the word "teenager". 
we are proud & pretty fortunate to be blessed with such a mellow, kicked back, all around good kid in our beautiful 1st born girl.
this is definitely the beginning of new season for our little fam & it has actually been a lot of fun so far. 
Monday was the last ptc of the school year with K's charter 
(thank goodness all 3 girls will all be at the same charter this year) 
this next school year,
along with new 2nd & 5th graders
 our little homeschool will have an 8th grader!!!
i have had 2nd & 5th graders before,
but for some reason 8th grade is a tad bit scary
(& it came so dang fast!).
but with it brings some exciting changes for this
 upcoming homeschool year.
so this summer along with thoroughly enjoying myself,
i'll also be getting a head start on my homeschooling thru
high school research.
thankfully a couple of dear homeschooling mama friends who have been thru this season & lived to tell about it have recommended a few books to order to get me started.
i have never researched or planned our schooling so far ahead before, but it's getting serious over here & i'm on it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

world oceans day {day 2}

 Friday the girls & i spent World Oceans Day at the Carlsbads Inn.
since Hubby was with us for the weekend we decided to make a weekend of it.
1st we hit the REI members only sale in Encinitas.
(sooo glad we did! thrifty bargains coming soon)
after lunch we hit one our favorite beaches:
Moonlight Beach.
it was so nice to have Hubby off for the weekend.
so glad he finally had some time to relax.
he deserves it.
 we decide to grab ice cream at The Forum shopping center before heading home.
i was such a happy girl!
Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Outfitters, H&M,
& many more fab stores in one shopping center!
with a super short time limit,
 i took off to the shops while the fam enjoyed their ice cream.
guess which store i spent most of my time in.

i could live in Anthro forever
& miss living less than 10 minutes away from one of my fave stores.
 i came home with lots decorating inspiration & a long wish list.
(poor hubby)

                free people                

urban outfitters
bummed i only got a quick look around at
Free People & Urban Outfitters.
i miss living less than 10 mins from UO too.
sooo much fun stuff but i needed more time.
even though she still hates shopping, i keep telling my oldest brownsugar how much she NEEDS to go to Urban Outfitters.
i think it may change her mind ;)  

Monday, June 11, 2012

world oceans day {day 1}

Friday was World Oceans Day!
it was also our last day of this school year & the last parent teacher conference of this year for the two younger brownsugars.
coincidentally, on this World Oceans Day, 
our ptc was held at the FAB Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort.
after our brief ptc, we were treated the rest of the day to fully enjoy the resort & its' private beach.
playing in the warm sunshine, amazing turquoise water,
fantastic waves, etc...
all of it such a fantastic celebration of World Oceans Day, 
an awesome reward for the end of all our hard work this school year
& THE perfect kick off of MUCH awaited summer break
for us beach obsessed brownsugar girlies.
many thanks to our more than gracious master teacher {D. K.}
for a successful parent/teacher partnership this year.
see you next school year!
until then...we will be thoroughly enjoying our summer.