Wednesday, June 13, 2012

teenager + homeschooling {it is official}

it is still unbelievable that my oldest brownsugar K turned 13 in January!!!
(blogger ate that post grrr)
& we have had a teenager in our house every since but not at all
(as of yet) in the negative sense of the word "teenager". 
we are proud & pretty fortunate to be blessed with such a mellow, kicked back, all around good kid in our beautiful 1st born girl.
this is definitely the beginning of new season for our little fam & it has actually been a lot of fun so far. 
Monday was the last ptc of the school year with K's charter 
(thank goodness all 3 girls will all be at the same charter this year) 
this next school year,
along with new 2nd & 5th graders
 our little homeschool will have an 8th grader!!!
i have had 2nd & 5th graders before,
but for some reason 8th grade is a tad bit scary
(& it came so dang fast!).
but with it brings some exciting changes for this
 upcoming homeschool year.
so this summer along with thoroughly enjoying myself,
i'll also be getting a head start on my homeschooling thru
high school research.
thankfully a couple of dear homeschooling mama friends who have been thru this season & lived to tell about it have recommended a few books to order to get me started.
i have never researched or planned our schooling so far ahead before, but it's getting serious over here & i'm on it!

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