Saturday, June 23, 2012

first day of summer 2012

this super cute dress was handmade by one of the co-op girlies!

for the first day of summer 2012
our homeschooling co-op had a fun
Kid's Market/BBQ/pool party Thursday.
at the Kid's Market the kiddies chose the items they wanted to sell, set up their own "stores",set their own prices,
& handled their own negotiations & transactions with real money.
the mamas supervised & swapped curriculum & supplies.
the kiddies also had fun shopping at each others stores
& so did the mamas!
there were tons of goodies to choose from.
lots of creative kiddie-made goodies too.
afterwards we had a yummy BBQ & a super fun swim party.
well the kiddies did anyway,
at only 75 degrees out us smart mamas decided to sit in patio chairs & relax in the sunshine on life guard duty ;) 

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