Tuesday, June 12, 2012

world oceans day {day 2}

 Friday the girls & i spent World Oceans Day at the Carlsbads Inn.
since Hubby was with us for the weekend we decided to make a weekend of it.
1st we hit the REI members only sale in Encinitas.
(sooo glad we did! thrifty bargains coming soon)
after lunch we hit one our favorite beaches:
Moonlight Beach.
it was so nice to have Hubby off for the weekend.
so glad he finally had some time to relax.
he deserves it.
 we decide to grab ice cream at The Forum shopping center before heading home.
i was such a happy girl!
Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Outfitters, H&M,
& many more fab stores in one shopping center!
with a super short time limit,
 i took off to the shops while the fam enjoyed their ice cream.
guess which store i spent most of my time in.

i could live in Anthro forever
& miss living less than 10 minutes away from one of my fave stores.
 i came home with lots decorating inspiration & a long wish list.
(poor hubby)

                free people                

urban outfitters
bummed i only got a quick look around at
Free People & Urban Outfitters.
i miss living less than 10 mins from UO too.
sooo much fun stuff but i needed more time.
even though she still hates shopping, i keep telling my oldest brownsugar how much she NEEDS to go to Urban Outfitters.
i think it may change her mind ;)  


  1. We definitely like to shop at the same places! My girls and I love Anthro, Free People, and UO. We were living near Seattle until last summer, and we had all of them pretty near us. Now if we want to go to Anthro or Free People we need to head to NYC which is 5 hours away:(
    The UO is only an hour away, so that is something at least.
    Hope your week is off to a good start! Ashlyn
    Even if I don't end up buying anything, I just love to go in and get inspired by all the great displays!
    Love your weekend photos! It looks like you had a great time. We used to live Southern Ca when the kids were little. I love it there!!

    1. thank you Ashlyn! how could anyone not love these fun stores?!? now they are all @ 30 minutes away from me instead of 10 which isn't too bad i guess, but my hubby is very happy about it haha! thank you for saying hello & have a great rest of ur week!

  2. hmmmm! I have no idea why my comment ended up in the wrong order...but, hoping your week was off to a good start was supposed to come at the end.