Monday, June 25, 2012



this weekend was pretty mellow.
saturday morning i played catch up on things around the house.
the littlest brownsugar didn't feel well.
that girl is the type that if she is miserable,
she makes sure everyone else is too.
so we cancelled our backyard camp out plans.

i got this fondue set for $2 at my fave thrift store.
i marinated shrimp, chicken & par boiled red potatoes
& we had a fun little indoor fondue party for din instead.


sunday i laid in bed until 11 am finishing Catching Fire.
i am amazed that Hunger Games was soooo fantastic & Catching Fire was even better! i did not want to put it down, but i needed to eat.

part of my plan this summer was to get back to my menu planning.
i lost control of it during this crazy year & now back to it.
i decided to start off taking it a week at a time, but ended up with almost a month of healthy dinners on the calendar!

hubby started polishing up his grill master skills.
he made ribs for he & the girlies & slow smoked honey curry chicken i had marinating (similar to this recipe, but i added curry to taste). i sauteed some delish baby bellas in butter, olive oil, garlic, soy sauce & cider vinegar.
after that meal i am swearing off white rice...again...forever
this time though. 
it was all soooo good! can't wait for our summer BBQ party!

i couldn't help myself. even though i barely finished Catching Fire earlier in the day, i could not wait to get in my jammies
& get in the bed super early & read Mockingjay until my eyes refused to read anymore...& again...just like the others I'M HOOKED!!!

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