Monday, June 4, 2012

weekending. saturday & {unplugged sunday}


{unplugged sunday}
we were instructed to lounge around in bed & not to come into the kitchen.
my smallest brownsugar A & i caught up on some reading while
my middle brownsugar M pulled off a fantastic fam breakfast surprise she planned with her Daddy only there to follow her instructions.
to my surprise she made 2 loaves of the most moist & delish gluten free chocolate chip pumpkin bread i've ever had.
i cannot bake to save my life
so for her to get the correct texture & moisture content in her loaves is quite an accomplishment
(not to mention a hands on life lesson such as measuring, fractions, following directions, meal planning, etc...)
along with turkey bacon & fresh slices of watermelon it was a fantastic meal.
while i got caught up on paperwork (BOO!!!),
my biggest brownsugar K practiced her guitar.
she is such a quick study
& is making such beautiful progress.
 it is so lovely listen to.
since He was home all day Saturday we decided to hit the 
Oceanside Harbor & grab some ice cream on the beach after dinner.
so glad we did, it was a nice (chilly!) way to end our Saturday. 

{unplugged sunday}
ok it wasn't a completely unplugged because i'm in the middle of wrapping up work samples & the end of this school year check out with our charters (YAAAY) so i had to go online for a bit to check some dates & messages etc... 
we also sampled an audio sparkle stories story 
but after that, being online was over...
our congregation meeting,
which of course, was all about none other than freely forgiving one another, since that is the exact place i'm in.
James 3:2 is a great humbling reminder that "we ALL stumble many times..." & our imperfect human being selves need to be forgiven constantly & consistently.
 *super guilty*
Ephesians 4:32 is a another great reminder (command even) to
"...become kind to one another, tenderly compassionate, freely forgiving one another just as God by Christ freely forgave you." 
(& keeping on forgiving & keeping on forgiving...etc...).
this talk was obviously *lovingly* specifically designed just for moi...good thing i did not miss it :)
afterwards i came home had lunch & put up on my snuggly pjs & Ugg boots,
 i poured a cup of hot tea & snuggled up with my new snuggle buddy, the stuffed kitty my little A gave me to use when she is too busy to snuggle & my newly washed no longer stinky brown dog & caught up on some reading.
a pen pal letter from a friend in England, some new mag issues & 7th grade chemistry to round it all out.

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