Tuesday, March 11, 2014

downtown + progress

a couple of weekends ago i threw on some patchouli & my panama hat & headed downtown to do some small & local biz sipporting. one of the local vintage shops was hosting a sidewalk sale with other shops on the block. it was a beautiful day for a fun event. our downtown is going thru a big revitalization & so many exciting new development are underway. i explored cute new shops, beautiful downtown on foot & met some new friends. 

i was super pleased to find these cute wooden crates to help with my kitchen desk area organization. its not done yet, i'm going to add more of those metal ikea boxes & the warm wood softens up all the metal. the crates are hiding unfinished projects im crossing off my to-do list, clutter that i still have to sort thru as i slowly unpack boxes & they are keeping items i need to store out of sight (my fave is the bottom crate that houses our lastest wine shipment from one of our fave wineries).

i've been having good luck with an online resale group with selling & moving unwanted items from my home. seeing the stuff actually leave my house while making a little fun money is a great motivator. 
this purging & organizing is an on going process but having the progress concealed & looking somewhat nice & orderly during sure makes it seem a lot less tedious & overwhelming.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

life. an adventure.

adventure is the perfect word to describe what's been going on over here lately! too many details to try & catch up on but its been one thing after another without pause to adjust. as much as we would love a little more consistency & time to catch our breath...we are accepting that this is just the way our little fams life is currently.

when we 1st moved back here to our hometown in july (which we never ever in life planned too but my daddy's incident changed that!)
we couldn't figure out WHY?!?!?!!! why Lord do you want me back here...waaaah! 

but after 8 months the bigger picture is unfolding. we are starting to see the WHY & the exciting things that are in the works for us. we are embracing the pathway our new journey is leading us on.
after all this very well may be our little fams BEST ADVENTURE EVERRR!!!