Monday, May 2, 2011

whats been up? the short list.

this image is called Black-Woman-Relaxing .
i really NEED to be A-Black-Woman-Relaxing right now!

this has been one of those insane never ending MONTHS.
you know what i mean right?
last week started out mellow, but spiraled out of control into one of the longest & busiest weeks ever towards the end.
our life isn't usually like this. 
i wanted to stay home & sit down for more than a few minutes the entire week. NO DEAL!
what's been up?
the short list.
  • soccer practice started for 1. back to back nights (only 1 hour for preseason, not too bad. i've been trying to workout on the field those 2 nights.
  • spring break is over so we got most of our classroom repacked & semi organized again. we're back with our charter & trying to get in the swing of things.
  • trying to get our Bible study & our spiritual life back in balance. we've had such a wacky year all over the place year.
  • couple of big fam camping trips in the works.(& that will be IT for big trips this summer)
  • over the weekend we did a few fun outdoor volunteer projects. (more later)
  • we dug up plants from our neighbor's (local native plant swap) & planted them. huge project. lots of work & time left, but we as well as our neighbors will be sooo happy with the outcome :)
  • the girls & i shot a video for a private project. it was fun, but took about 1 hour longer than supposed. i had to go to a job site & STILL run errands.(w/ phone calls on the way for another project BTW). such a loooong day that didn't end until the night!
  • i have been helping out my hubby w/our fam engineering company. we got a few new projects & im the "GREEN design consultant & assistant". i'm sooo excited this is right up my alley!
  • i FINALLY got pix uploaded & getting my thoughts together for new blog post to share with you guys. i know it's about time!
  • BUT were seriously trying to take it easy this week!
  • i even shut down my Facebook page for a much needed brain break. i'll miss keeping up with the fam & good friends, but my entire brain is TIRED!!!
i know im not the only busy person in the world, this crazy world is designed to keep us on the go & frazzled.
 i hope you guys are finding time to rest & slow scheduling some on my calendar right now :) 

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