Tuesday, May 10, 2011

we love paws in the park {3 & Ollie steal the show}

a few weeks ago we did one of our fave local fundraising events.
Paws In the Park
we have done this show almost every year we've lived here. each of the girls & one of the doggies has won something each time. this year was no exception in a big way.
Kahlua, 1, Prince Oliver Coco,3, Mahalo & 2 at the entrance.
girls & doggies at our fave groomers booth.
LOVE Paradise Pets.
they are so creative. we do all kinds of fun stuff, pink dye, rainbow dye, dye hearts, doggie hairstyles, doggie nail polish, mohawks etc...
2 & her bff Mahalo entered prettiest female. 2 designed their outfits.
these cuties won a ribbon.
(a few years ago, 2 designed super fancy outfits & won cutest puppy with her dog Daisy)
the fam watching the events & chasing the shade.
we love seeing all the different breeds or combinations of breeds at the show. but 
she was in LOVE with this little guy. 6 yo chihuahua, no teeth hence extra long dangly tongue, no hair left in the middle of his back, but the uglier the cuter to my girls.
3 & Ollie in the Owner-Look-A-Like ring.
Ollie has won this category a few times...
Owner-Look-A-Like 1st place blue ribbon winner!!! 
biggest surprise of all:
 all of the blue ribbon winner from each event come together for best in show &
3 & Ollie win it!
we were so shocked!
stars of the show! blue ribbon, trophy, dog toy, framed photo, photo in the paper.
 next year she will be Miss Paws in the Park, sash, tiara...all of it.
she's such a happy girl & Ollie is sooo happy to retire.
3's trophy video...(hope this one works!)

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