Sunday, May 22, 2011

the girlie's handmade gift

*first can i just say i'm still super bummed about Blogger's unannounced shutdown.
i lost some posts that were important to me & a few other things are screwed up.
now moving on to...
{the girlie's handmade gift}
with only a teeny bit of help from mama
in this post i mentioned we were putting together a gift, but we hadn't given it yet so i couldn't share.
a few weeks ago we finally gave the gift.
the girlies were so proud of themselves for giving something creative that they made with love by their own hands.
 they worked really hard.
(no she's not sewing alone, but she wanted a pic)
the recipient of this gift is one of our sweetest neighbors who just went away to college.
the girlies picked out fabric that they thought perfectly matched her personality & interest.
& made her this journal cover & floral pen. on the front page of the journal they wrote sweet notes to her.
(we really miss her!!!) 
there's more...
they made her some personalized magnets according to the things she loves
ex: nature, hiking, flowers, all things outdoors etc... 
(remember our magnet making mania)
there's more...
they added some cute stationary that she can only use to write the girls & a magnet board for the magnets to hang in her dorm room.
they wrapped it themselves, delivered it too her & she was sooo pleased! 
(we all were)

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  1. So sweet! I love it! Thanks for linking up :)