Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 of my fave things

i started putting this fun post together when i started simplifying my STUFF. making my life simpler by keeping only my fave-true-to-me possesions esp in my closet.  since i dont have my camera back yet, im sharing.

 {a few of my faves}
i know it's a little shallow & materialistic. i really am not a STUFF person but these are of few things that make this mama happy so indulge me a little. you may have fun & even get to know me a little better.

1. i heart the sun but my face is allergic to alot of it & the combo of sun & sunscreen...go figure. so aside from just being super cute...i heart big sunglasses & big sunhats...together they are the sunscreen. thoroughly apply lipgloss (see #3) & your done!
2. i heart black leggings. easy, stylish, classic & comfie anytime anyplace.

 3. i heart Carmex & Bare Escentuals mineral lipgloss (only kind i can wear). i dont leave my house, go anywhere someone might see me or drive my car without either. allday everyday (addicted).
 4. i still heart Domino mag. i almost died when it was discontinued. i still have all my old copies (one of my only collections). being the nerd that i am i actually re-read old issues for every corresponding current month. (still good stuff)
 5. i heart my (many) yellow Livestrong wristbands, Lance Armstrong, the whole thing. even wore one around my ankle during labor.
 6. i heart my LV Petit Noa. im not into switching my bags & haven't carried another bag since sweet hubby bought it for my anniversary almost 3 years ago. perfect patina, classic style, size, everything... everyday.
 7. i heart princess cut diamonds. my wedding ring, earrings & necklace (used to be my engagement ring) all solitaires. my wedding ring is identical to the pic, simple, clean, classic lines, not too fancy, but VERY pretty. i wear them almost all day everyday.
 8. i heart hibiscus of any kind, color etc. yaaay that they grow easily in this climate. & roses, esp David Austin white cabbage roses in big bunches(classic!) if i could recieve one type of flower for the rest of my life this is it!
9. i heart rice kripy treats & cupcakes with a eat-a-whole-batch kinda passion. (so i rarely make them) 
10. i heart my Uggs. beach must. anytime must. (in fact i have them on while i type)i have a few a pair in different colors (Uggs & Ugg-like), esp with BEANIES!!! all kinds...i heart them. all day everyday!
so what do you think? kinda fun? there's more, but that's it for now. a little bit of me at a time :)

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  1. i think i have all those domino mags too, at least a couple of them :)