Monday, July 25, 2011

{Mahogany Monday} learning from leopard geckos

{Mahogany Monday}
learning from leopard geckos
the girls got another interesting & educational pet sitting job
(remember the frogs).
this time we have two leopard geckos of different ages (one is a cute little baby).
these two are waiting to go to their new home (my brother's) & the girls wanted to watch them until then.
problem is we are getting attatched of course.
 "scrawny little wiggly baby.
it looks like it needs to eat to me.
Girls, what do you think baby leopard geckos are SUPPOSED to look like?
Can someone look up baby leopard geckos for me & find out? 
Wonder if are we feeding it the right stuff?
Wonder what they eat?
WOW! Their bodies are actually soft & squishy, total opposite of the beardy...i wonder why?
Why don't we see them much during the day?
(you get the picture right?) 

{lizards are for boys! ummm...}
2 & her bearded dragon Zoingo say

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  1. That is great! They are cute gecko's. I had no idea they had leopard print ones. My 4yr old would want one.Love the pic of your daughter with her dragon.