Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i want Babycakes! the day i met Coco

 January 15th  my brother had his first baby.  i want her BAD! ( i REALLY wanted her name to be Coco!) i really want 4 girls & she looks like she could fit right in with my other three perfectly. 

me (after being on the road about 8 hours. excuse the scary, sleepy, driving all day look) & my baby Coco

sweet pink baby love

my baby with my brother & my other baby

hard to tell, but would this be considered jealousy?

since we live further away, ive only seen my baby Coco once. i hear she's all fat & juicy now, like babies are supposed to be. they are coming to the family reunion at our house in a few weeks & i can't wait. just between you & me, she's the one i want to see the most. i've already decided to hog her for myself, never put her down, completely spoil her, & run away with her when they have to leave. sweet baby Coco

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