Friday, August 19, 2011

in a fairly kicked back child led way{WE ARE BACK TO SCHOOL}

Thursday's are long, busy & seeming endless at our house (or NOT at our house i should say). Yesterday was filled to THE max.
This morning I straggled in the kitchen to find that 2 was up way before anyone making, stapling & organizing lesson copies from her spelling workbook.
I'm paying them a quarter a lesson to pre-copy their workbook lessons...this morning she has already made $2.50!
 This week we started regularly doing a little daily school. Eventhough we've been having a ton of fun this summer, the girls are bored & practically begging for it.
 We started cleaning & purging our classroom & they have been all excited & into the books,games & other learning materials.
They've really been doing "school" without me even asking.
They are ready to use their brains.
In a fairly kicked back child-led way, we have officially started back to school & they have grooved right on back in.
BUT summer ain't over yet!
Today we are off to a homeschooling meetup at the beach.

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