Tuesday, August 16, 2011

not ready to give up the life we love {still homeschooling}

this morning after Bible study we noticed this little guy.
we spent some time quietly oberving & playing with him .
glad we had the time spend.
we dont want to miss stuff like this.

we didn't even try really & we failed.
we are just not ready to give up the  lifestyle we worked hard for & LOVE by sending the girls to school.
some bloggers are fairly open when discussing their personal business, not me so much, so just know that we are back to homeschooling & glad we realized it before it was too late.
 we are back to good.
i will share this though
(& more details later):
all of a sudden ALL of the things we've been searching for have all of a sudden appeared!  i mean crazy like:
  • happening upon a local website last night
  • 2 new connected friends
  • a few phone calls this morning 
  • a few e-mails connecting all the dots
the girls are ALMOST as excited as i am :)
THE absolute last minute my time.
absolutely PERFECT timing God time.
when will i ever learn right ;)

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