Wednesday, August 31, 2011

archives{1's first not-so-school-dance-school-dance}

last school year our charter had a school dance.
1 wanted to go & i freaked.
(she's old enough already??? WAAAAAH!!!)
i'm not the school dance kinda mama, BUT the teachers all came up to me (since they know me so well) & gave me all the details about how it wasn't a TYPICAL school dance (like the ones i was imagining in my head)...
this was a covert operation.
ALL the teachers were there.
(the cute teacher in the pink is one of my favie neighbors across the eyes & ears).
they dances were group dances led by a dance instructor.
(no touchy-feely-boy-girl-dances-THANKS Mrs. K) 
& dance activities (like the macarena, electric slide, limbo, hula contest, etc...)
to enter the students had to donate canned food (GREAT IDEA!).
(i was only allowed to come in & take a few pix then was asked to leave)
one of the teachers was the DJ.
 1 said he played "i think 70's music".
there was a craft table.
a craft table at the the 6th-8th grade dance y'all!
{so stinkin' cute these two}
she hung out with one of her BFFs the entire time.

i made it thru my 1st child to ever go to a school dance.
i even left the campus premises &
didn't hang out at the dance door or spy thru gym the windows like i totally planned.
can't believe i left the parking lot.
 she had fun with out me & i didn't die.
she was proud of me.
* since i've been lagging, i have a lot of archive posts. i'll try to do better ;)

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