Saturday, August 20, 2011

i almost died last weekend{ARACHNOPHOBIA}

i almost died last weekend!

He pulled this guy out of my turtle pond
(right near my backdoor slider...that the kids always leave WIDE open).
i know in my head tarantulas are harmless, gentle, shy creatures but they are also giant hairy spiders with fangs!
 i instantly went on total freak out!
i even sent all my neighbors text messages that said
"i love you dear neighbors, but it's time for me to move!"
i couldn't take it so immediately we packed up & headed out to the only place i know for sure around here that does have tarantulas...THE BEACH!
*p.s. after the fact seeing a real tarantula up close & personal (if you can bear to look at it...or see it thru your tears & hysterics) is actually PRETTY a very creepy-crawly-homeschooling-life-learning-scare-you-half-to-death kinda way!

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