Saturday, March 27, 2010

to market, to market...but mostly the cutest little daisy

we took a break from school work to visit a morning farmers market. it was a much needed break.

the girls and i in front of the stand selling THE best lumpia, pancett, and teriyaki chicken we've ever had. we plan on being regulars. (please note the fab lime green wrist cuffs He made me. love!)

this little miss can't NOT pose when the camera is out. and yes my girls pick out their own clothes. 1 is currently in a willie nelson phase.

cutest little daisy i've ever seen

big sunglasses are a daily requirement

if it's a's love for my girls

im really excited about adding these babies to my garden : lettuce, zucchini, sorrel, fennel, most excited about the heirloom tomatoes 

i can already imagine what i'm going to do with these

 little miss was being such a ham for the camera, i couldn't help it. the rest of these are of her posing

working it out

so sassy

she could do this ALL day

even more cute

makes her own attention

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  1. Oh my goodness, they are darling. The poses are over the top. I can't stand the cuteness. Tell those little angels I said hello. Happy Easter!