Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Barn Sale Fun at Chateau de Fleur Market Place Part I

One of my favorite events are the Barn Sales in my area. every 3-4 months local  "barns" participate in the sale. thru out the weekend the barns open their doors so you caravan and visit each sale. Its such an event that people come from all around to hunt for and find treasures.
I tend to be more of a minimalistic tomboy in my decor and fact, i dont even know if i have a dress with ruffles on it. the cozy, prettiness and decorated fluff of the Shabby Chic look is in complete contrast to the modern practicality of my concrete floors & countertops, blonde wood, white paint, and minimal  decor. most everything in my house has a purpose & a place. With the exception of shells, i dont have many things just because they are pretty. yet i love to visit the barns. im drawn to the sparkly glitter, the over-the-top glam, the feathers, the animal prints (i love zebra!), the sweet florals, the pure whites, the antiques, in other words i get a taste of all the girliness im lacking. i  love meeting and mingling with the new friends i make at the sales...and catching up with my fave regulars. as practical as i am  i have found if i indulge my girlside a little by incorporating some of my barnsale finds, it rounds my boy-ness out quite nicely. and its oh so fun. 

this is a little snippet of  the Chateau de Fleurs Market Place. there is more to come featuring my favorite vendors individually. this barn was  new to the circuit and the only barn sale i visited this time. artist Christie Repasy just moved to the area from Orange County. the sale was held at her cute new home and amazing in- home studio/ showroom. unfortunately i didnt take pix inside her studio, but you view her beautiful talent & artwork here

each  barn has it's own style.  this sale was set up market style with many vendors in seperate booths. very organized ,well planned and a delight to browse. freshly prepared homemade food using fresh ingredients was also served. on the menu was a feta burger patty wrapped in lettuce. (i heard everyone rave, but i dont eat red meat), the gullivers creamed corn chowder (recipe) was fantastic, but my fave was the fresh salsa &  handmade tortilla chips.

another cute booth that led to the artist showroom

i absoultely LOVE this idea

so much prettiness

studio porch

1 started out with me, but quickly went  home after she saw ALL the girlness. so Dad brought 2 to spend the rest of the time with me. this is def her thing.

never a day well spent if it doesn't include a pup. me and 8 month old, very well behaved Jade; the family's dog. such a cute girl. i wanted her of course.

more barn sale day pix and my fab finds to come. maybe next time you will get a chance to visit June 18th & 19th 2010. if your interested in reserving a spot as a vendor contact  christie repasy.


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I want to GO!!!!!!!!

  2. Love your blog Deborah! So sweet and lively. What a great fam you have. The dog in this post looks EXACTLY like our black lab, Bode (yes, named after the maverick skier, Bode Miller). How do I follow your blog? Can't find the button that says, "Follow." I'm new to this blogging thing. Help me out would ya?! :) Thanks.

  3. What a great post, thankyou for coming over to join us and i'm so glad you enjoyed yourself and our dog "Jade" you two look so cute in the picture. Christie

  4. Ciao Deborah, loved your post, great pics. So looking forward on seen you again. Ciao Rita mammabellarte